Something starts boiling again … Update: New Website is back redesigned with big News

UPDATE: The Website is back in a redesigned design, it lost some features & the front donkey, bringing back the tindersticks lettering (known from the 1995 2nd album)

source: screenshot of the official website



Album News in this posting



With the official website closed until Tuesday 11th April 2018 (n.b. Tuesday is really 10th April, but we already knew the band is kind of living in a different timezone ;) ) and the recent official fb profile picture “renovations” & David’s recent video interview teaser, we are in a kind of a new waiting room again.

Keep the fingers Xed for something   New  soon … it has been too quiet in the past for too long.


source: screenshot of the official webpage



source: screenshots of the official facebook bandpage


David Boulter “My Sister / Chocolate” Online Lyrics Book, Interview & New Potential Project of the Band for 2018/2019

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