Say Goodbye to “tinderbits” in its old form – Thanks E.U. GDPR :(

Some sort of early Warning – this blog “tinderbits” needs to be modified to be “legal” again due to the new E.U. Directive on 25th May 2018 GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), so this would mean it’s going to loose the comment / email contact / youtube-embedding / bandcamp-embedding / soundcloud-embedding feature along other Word-Press related features in the background (statistics et all) … this new E.U. laws would make this blog unusuable in it’s current form, so it will probably just be “closed” or minimalized/redesigned around mid of may 2018.
Other parts of the mainpage need minor tweaks only (removing all IP-related links (youtube, facebook & twitter & others that store data in the background & would need a written contract with google, fb, twitter and other companies who store users IPs through their program APIs et al. to be legal in the new E.U. GDPR rules – This is too much effort in the end !).
So say Goodbye to “tinderbits” sub-blog in its old form :(


  • REMOVED ALL SHARE-LINKS Features / PLUGINS  (incl. Facebook, Twitter et al.)  to share Content from this Blog
  • Permanently DELETED ALL USER COMMENTS and related Data with these Comments
  • Added SSL- Encryption
  • Disabled Comments Function