Official Tindersticks site ( relaunches on 24th April with a new design

from the phorum announcement of the band :


“tindersticks are delighted to announce that their new website will be launched this Sunday 24 April (Happy Easter)!

Unbeknownst to most of you Lara and Nathan (Hemmel) have been beavering away putting many wrongs to right in an effort to offer you a website a bit closer to what the band are and what you have intimated you would like (raise a glass to them, please!!).

Now don’t get overexcited…I’m sure you will expect the odd teething problem (although it all seems to be working pretty well!)…two of which will be:

1. You will have to re-register to join the forum / members area of the site. The upside is that you’ll then have some of the extra forum facilities that you have been craving for so long.

2. The shop is not ready!!! One day I will tell you why it has continued to be such a heartbreaking experience for me since day one!! It really is imminent and will not be a short term thing this time.

Everyone hopes you will enjoy it – we’re looking forward to your comments on the new forum.

Thanks for your continued support for the band and your ever-constructive suggestions. See you on the other side……”


so say goodbye to the old design

source: website screenshot


UPDATE: say hello to the new site – it’s online from today (Easter Sunday) !


here’s what you might expect:


Welcome to the new site and forum!

by hemmel »

Hi, everyone, and welcome to the new tindersticks site and forum. Here are a couple highlights of the new site:


Main site:

Hello, donkey. You all know what to do here. We’ve added a scrolling RSS feed to the bottom, so you can see the latest headlines.



Here’s where you will find the latest news from the band. Feel free to add that page to your RSS reader. You will also find the search field here, which will allow you to search the entire site.



Information for upcoming, confirmed shows will be found here. A truncated “upcoming shows” listing is found at the bottom of each page.



We are in the process of moving the information from Tindergigs to this portion of the new site. This is a major undertaking (obviously). will remain available (but not updated) while this transition is going on.



You’ll find streaming audio for all of the main albums. Also, David has been kind enough to write some reflections on Can Our Love… and Waiting for the Moon. We’re in the process of completing the discography, and will announce when further additions have been added to the site.



A special section for the Claire Denis films and the soundtracks that accompany them that Neil created. You’ll also find some of Neil’s photography scattered throughout the site.



Once the shop is sorted out, the door will be here.



As you can tell, this is a bit different than the old site. When you register, you will have access to both the forum and the members area (forthcoming). Your login information will work for both. We have some great things planned for the members area, which I think you’ll really like.



Take a look around, try out a couple things, and get comfortable. Lara and I are here to help, so send us a private message, email, etc., if you have any questions.”


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