Message from Stuart A. Staples

from the official phorum site:

“Hello friends, ‘been meaning to write for a while but my personal life has been mayhem. I was going to say it is settling down now, however the course of events over the last few days have just increased that sense.
Most immediately, I wanted to say how deeply disappointed I am not to able to sing at the Soho Theatre. It hurts.
So many people have worked so hard to make it happen in the first place and we are concerned for the people who have traveled a long way to come and see us play. I hope we are able to rearrange the shows soon.
Seems I have a problem with my voice that I have to get to the bottom of and I have spent the last two day in Harley Street trying to do so (contributions welcome). We are all hoping that the coming days will reveal the root of the problem and the course of action needed.
But selfishly(?) our band was sounding so great in rehearsals – I have never been in a situation of taking an album in to a rehearsal room and so quickly and naturally the songs just stepped forward – ‘Made it doubly hard to not be able to make the shows.

Originally, I wanted to say something about the album itself – I hope you enjoy it. Yes, it was a labour of love, everyone put so much into it, made sacrifices they did not need to. But we always managed to keep hold of the joy and sense of adventure of making this music, even when times were really hard.
I know so many people judge our albums by the first few (I can see why with the first two, when we didn’t accept there was an outside world) and I am not saying this album is as good or better, but it is definitely happy to hang around with them without feeling any sense of inferiority. We are feeling pretty proud. And maybe even a sense of a closed circle.
I hope for you, who have stuck with us through many uncertain times, it is a little pay-off.

If you don’t hear again from me for a while, take it as good news, as there will be no need for any explanations.

I am sure I can say on behalf of Neil, David, Dan, Earl (and Terry, of course) that we all look forward to feeling your presence within our music at a concert soon.




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