1,2 … 3 Big News: New 3rd Stuart A. Staples Solo Album called “Arrhythmia” out June 15th 2018 & New Single “Memory of Love” available on Streaming Services now !

1,2,…3 here we go now – ALL new things (updated regularly) here:

1.  New Single of Stuart A. Staples leaked on Streaming Services , called “Memory of Love” – Available on Apple Music; Spotify et al. – also available to buy via Amazon Music, Itunes et al Download Platforms

check here: https://stuartastaples.lnk.to/Arrhythmia

source(s): website / apps screenshots of the Single on Spotify, Itunes  & amazon music


Video of that track, via The Quietus http://thequietus.com/articles/24364-stuart-a-staples-new-video

2.  New Stuart A. Staples (his 3rd) Solo Album, called “Arrhythmia“,  out June 15th 2018 on CitySlang 

please check out more Details here too:  https://cityslang.com/releases/stuart-a-staples-arrhythmia


source: cover album featured on City Slang artist release website (https://cityslang.com/releases/stuart-a-staples-arrhythmia)


  1. A New Real 05:13
  2. Memories Of Love 10:34
  3. Step Into The Grey 07:28
  4. Music For A Year In Small Paintings 30:52



Staples sings and plays guitar, bass, chimes, q-chord, philichorda, bells, Wurlitzer piano and vibraphone on the album. Arrhythmia also features Dan Mckinna (piano), Thomas Belhom (drums), Seb Rochford (drums), Julian Siegel (clarinet, quartet arrangement), David Boulter (musical saw), and Neil Fraser (guitar).”  (sourcehttp://www.undertheradarmag.com/news/stuart_a._staples_of_tindersticks_announces_new_solo_album_shares_new_song_ )


from the City Slang website Press-Release:

Album Information:


June 15, 2018 | Slang50156

Stuart A. Staples releases Arrhythmia on 15 June via City Slang, his first solo album in thirteen years. Arrhythmia is immersive and experimental, both recognisably the work of the Tindersticks’ frontman and simultaneously a stand-alone, unique piece of work. It’s a provocative album where electronic experimentations and rare multi-instrumentations interweave, wrapping themselves around unconventional but utterly spellbinding song structures.

Written in what Stuart A. Staples describes as “a lost year”, Arrhythmia began on Christmas day 2016 when he was drawn to the studio to record the beginnings of A new real, the album’s hypnotic opener of glitchy electronic loops with a sly nod to disco. A year later the entire album was complete, a process which involved Staples struggling between his own free sense of timing and more mechanical rhythms and what he describes as “a growing need for each song to take a turn, to lead them into strange places, keeping the feeling or effect of the song, but only as a memory.”

The second track Memories of love is indicative of Arrhythmia’s time-less experimentation and musical exploration. A stark and delicate melancholy opens up to rich and increasingly vivid chiming bells. There’s a feeling that the song has two diversely distinct parts unexpectedly, yet perfectly, married. Closing side 1, Step into the grey offers a dark romanticism reminiscent of early Tindersticks with a crescendo of freestyle percussion and strings.

Side 2 of the album consists of a 30 minute instrumental track Music for ‘A year in small paintings’. The piece began its evolution back in 2012 when filmmaker, and long-time Staples collaborator, Claire Denis first saw the serial of works by the painter (and Staples’ partner) Suzanne Osborne and wanted to turn these 365 oil paintings of the sky into a film. As friends and musicians passed through Staples’ studio he asked them to watch and react to the paintings. As Staples explains “From these recordings, I chipped away at its form, guiding and editing. Each time there was an exhibition of the work there was a newly evolved version of the music to accompany it.” Eventually the creative process came full circle when Claire Denis’ film Un beau soliel interieur (transl. Let the  Sunshine In), featured the paintings, and their music became inextricably linked to the film’s soundtrack. Improvisations of the themes from Music for ‘A year in small paintings’ were also contributed by The Julian Siegel Quartet.


BTW new Stuart A. Staples Artists pages include facebook (a bit older ) and  a new bandcamp website:

Record Label:  https://cityslang.com/releases/stuart-a-staples-arrhythmia

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Stuart-Ashton-Staples-105720336114657/

Bandcamp: https://stuartastaples.bandcamp.com/

source: screenshot of the SAS Artists sub-page at City Slang website

3.  New Official Webshop is available at: https://tindersticks.bingomerch.com/

the shop includes CD, LP and Limited Vinyl version ((SOLD OUT) 300 pieces – numbered & handprinted by Stuart A. Staples & Suzanne Osbourne & Tom Phelan, also signed by SAS) and a digital download (mp3 and other formats through the bandcamp shop) version of the new album.

source: screenshot at the new official webshop

Description of the new Limited LP version:

This item and all items ordered with it will ship on or around June 15, 2018 You will receive the first single “Memories of Love” as instant download.

180g Black Vinyl in a hand numbered and hand printed limited edition sleeve. Limited to 300 pieces worldwide.

The sleeve image of this limited edition is a 3 colour woodblock print, hand-cut and hand-printed from three separate blocks on matte white Ouvre 200 gsm paper. Taken from an original photograph by Stuart. Made at Black Spot Press, Vienna, 12 – 17 March 2018 by Tom Phelan, Suzanne Osborne and Stuart. Watch the making of here:  


A1. A New Real (5:13)
A2. Memories Of Love (10:34)
A3. Step Into The Grey (7:28)
B1. Music For “A Year In Small Paintings” (30:52)

and last, but not least:

The Official Website is back in a  new redesigned design, it lost some features & the front donkey, bringing back the tindersticks lettering (known from the 1995 2nd album)
source: screenshot of the official website

from the recent facebook posting:

“… Today also sees the opening of the new tindersticks website and shop and the start of general tindersticks activity

So, new material may come up in future times – Let’s hope they’ll add soon some anniversary releases and/or new tindersticks releases :)

David Boulter “My Sister / Chocolate” Online Lyrics Book, Interview & New Potential Project of the Band for 2018/2019

news from the band:

“David recently had ‘My Sister’ and ‘Chocolate’ translated for a Basque online book website. He also did an online interview which explains his inspiration for the stories”

source: screenshot of the announcement posting on facebook.com website

here you can download the bilingual pdf of the book project:


you can watch the video interview about these songs & future projects here:


and most interesting news bit: David Boulter teases here something potentially NEW for the 25th anniversary of the band (releasing-wise this would be this year 2018 with 1st album out in October 1993), but would probably be more realistically out in 2019 – something like “a history of the beginning of the band” musically mostly in Davids stories & music style.


Jump to 12:34 timecode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCa8K9dN6Y0&feature=youtu.be&t=756

Simple Pleasure gets re-release on 180g Double-LP Gatefold Vinyl in January 2018

source: screenshot of the product page on Music on Vinyl website http://www.musiconvinyl.com/catalog/tindersticks/simple-pleasure

Music on Vinyl (a vinyl only record label that rereleases LP and 7″ vinyl pressings from the Netherlands) has licensed the SIMPLE PLEASURE album from the band’s former major record label, and will issue a 2 LP 180g Vinyl, based on 24-bit 96kHz digital files for the production, as a re-release of the 1999 released (2004 the bonus tracks on LP-2 were released as part of the deluxe 2-CD re-issue from Universal) album on 26.01.2018 :

source: screenshot of the amazon.co.uk listing

amazon starts selling this on 2nd of February 2018:


“Simple Pleasures” is just a typo here at amazon.

Tracklisting includes on the 2nd LP the demo/altnative tracks from the deluxe 2-CD remastered release of Universal.

So expect, similar running times & track order:

screenshot from discogs.com – 2 CD release of the deluxe reissue.


Update 1: TOC of the 2 Lp release:




4. CF GF




5. CF GF

new tindersticks film & music project “Minute Bodies” in 2017

The complete Minute Bodies CD/DVD LP/DVD and Bluray/DVD editions

final Update – 6
: from today’s (13th June 2017) City Slang Newsletter send-out :

“Tindersticks – Last Copies Of ‘Minute Bodies’

The pre-order has ended and the limited edition LP/DVD as well as the CD/DVD version of Tindersticks’ ‘Minute Bodies: The intimate world of F. Percy Smith’ is now sold out on Bandcamp. You will be able to get the last physical copies at record stores from Friday on and also at the bands remaining shows.

(Minute Bodies) shows: 17.06. London, 29.06. Metz, 02.07. Paris, 16.08. Hamburg ”


Update – 5: LP/DVD edition is delayed and will be released later (depending on the shops you pre-ordered from 16th June 2017  upwards). The CD/DVD edition is being available/shipped at the moment to arrive on the expected release date of 9th June 2017.

The Strangler/Percy’S Dream Video (Promo):

Update – 4: The first few copies of the LP/DVD edition were sold at the Cirque Royal concert on 14th May, though with a misprinted artwork booklet – For the regular release the artwork booklet will be reprinted in the correct way.

the BFI 2 disc Bluray/DVD release will come with “Special Features
Presented in High Definition and Standard Definition
A selection of films encapsulating the genius and art of F Percy Smith

Illustrated booklet with full film credits and essays by Bryony Dixon, Tim Boon, and Stuart A Staples

… and some more technical details:

“UK | 2016 | black and white | 53 + 64 minutes | silent with music | original aspect ratio 1.33:1 | cert U (No material likely to offend or harm) | BD50: 1080p, 24fps, PCM 2.0 stereo audio (48kHz/24-bit), region free| DVD9: PAL, 25fps, Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo audio (320kbps), region 0”

(source amazon.co.uk description)

Update-3: Minute Bodies: The intimate world of F. Percy Smith will be released on 9 June 2017 as a limited edition of each 3000 copies on LP+DVD and CD+DVD. You can pre-order it already via Bandcamp, here:https://tindersticks.bandcamp.com/

Additionally there will be a combined Bluray/DVD edition from the BFI available at 12th june 2017. Preorder here at: http://shop.bfi.org.uk/pre-order-minute-bodies-the-intimate-world-of-f-percy-smith.html

source: screenshot official website tindersticks.co.uk
source: Physical Design – from the Bandcamp page of tindersticks.bandcamp.com


 Percy’s Theme
Gathering Moss
Magic Myxies
Peas and Ques
Tiny Honey Gatherers
World In a Wine Glass
The Strangler
Percy’s Dream
Brewsters Magic
Reverse Frog
Life Cycle of a Newt
Reproduction Montage
Scarlet Runner
Percy’s Dream (Reprise)

Update-2: Official MB Website is here: https://www.minutebodies.com/

Update-1: “Minute Bodies” is officially announced with more details & trailer on http://www.tindersticks.co.uk/tomorrows/




from the official statement:

” Minute bodies: The intimate world of F. Percy Smith

Official selection at London Film Festival.
Premiere at 9pm, 11th October 2016, NFT 1, plus Q&A with Stuart and co-editor David Reeve.

Finally, after three years in the making, Minute Bodies is ready for others to see and hear.

Directed by Stuart and co-edited with David Reeve, it has a musical score by tindersticks with Thomas Belhom and Christine Ott. The music also benefits from great cameo performances from David Coulter (musical saw & nose flute) and Julian Siegel (saxophone)

The LFF describes the film…

‘This meditative, immersive film is a tribute to the astonishing work and achievements of naturalist, inventor and pioneering filmmaker F. Percy Smith.
Smith worked in the early years of the 20th century, developing various cinematographic and micro-photographic techniques to capture nature’s secrets in action.

Minute Bodies is an interpretative edit that combines Smith’s original footage with a new contemporary score to create a hypnotic, alien yet familiar dreamscape that connects us to the sense of wonder Smith must have felt as he peered through his own lenses and seen these micro-worlds for the first time.’

In 2017 there will be a small selection of special live cine-events, the first to be announced is Le Lieu Unique in Nantes on Saturday the 11th, and Sunday the 12th of March.
Minute bodies will feature as one of two sets for the evening…the other set being a special collection of tindersticks songs and music.”


The trailer:



Stuart A. Staples wrote & directed a special film & has done a soundtrack with selected musicians, incl. David Boulter, Thomas Belhom & Christine Ott et al. for this film project “Minute Bodies” *.

“We are pleased to announce that 12 exciting new projects have been selected to take part in this year’s edition of Build Your Audience (BYA), our innovative film distribution and marketing training scheme.
Minute Bodies
Writer-Director: Stuart A. Staples
Writer-Producer: David Reeve “
“Forthcoming projects include Minute Bodiesa co-production with Lucky Dog featuring the world of Percy Smith with a new score by Tindersticks.”
Update: The Film will be premiered at the UK London Film Festival on 11th October 2016 at The BFI Southbank

Tickets & Info here:  https://whatson.bfi.org.uk/lff/Online/default.asp?BOparam::WScontent::loadArticle::permalink=minutebodiestheintimateworldoffpercysmith&BOparam::WScontent::loadArticle::context_id=

Tuesday 11 October 2016 21:00
BFI Southbank, NFT1

Stuart A Staples will be in conversation following this screening.

Dir Stuart A Staples
Prod David Reeve, Stuart A Staples
UK 2016
UK Distribution BFI

A new collaboration between Tindersticks’ Stuart A Staples and filmmaker David Reeve, this meditative, immersive film is a tribute to the astonishing work and achievements of naturalist, inventor and pioneering filmmaker Frank Percy Smith. Working in the early years of the 20th century, Smith developed various cinematographic and micro-photographic techniques to capture nature in action. Employed in a number of public roles, including the Royal Navy and British Instructional Films, Smith was prolific and driven. He often directed several films simultaneously, determined to capture nature’s hidden terrains. Minute Bodies is an interpretative film that combines Smith’s work with Staples’ contemporary music score to create a hypnotic dreamscape of a world that is both familiar and alien, connecting us to the sense of wonder Smith must have felt as he peered through his lenses to observe these micro-worlds for the very first time.”

The first 2 live Cinema/Movie Concerts for a new project of Stuart A. Staples & David Boulter and other artists have been announced for Nantes (F):

  • 11th October 2016 – BFI Southbank, London, U.K. (World Premiere of the “Minute Bodies” Film & Stuart A. Staples in conversation after the screening – no concert)
  • 11th March 2017 – Le Lieu Unique – National Center for Contemporary Arts, Nantes, France
  • 12th March 2017 – Le Lieu Unique – National Center for Contemporary Arts, Nantes, France

Tickets on sale from 14.06.2016, here: http://www.fnacspectacles.com/place-spectacle/manifestation/Pop-rock-Folk-TINDERSTICKS-2CYP1.htm#/manifestation/bientot_reservable

from the official  Le Lieu Unique programme booklet: https://issuu.com/lieuunique/docs/prog16_17-eng :

“Tindersticks Minute Bodies

Stuart Staples, singer and songwriter for the English group Tindersticks, took an interest in the films of Frank Percy Smith, naturalist, documentarian, and pioneer of several macrophotography techniques in the early 20th century. He offers us a concert with a film made from Smith’s images, and a soundtrack matching both the documentary and abstract motifs. A new, exciting project for the Tindersticks.”


other potential concert locations might be Paris, London et al.


see details here:


minute bodies

source: website screenshot  

from the interview – S.A.Staples (babelfished version from french original) :

“… I worked for several years on this project, based on the film archives. It is an exploration, often a reinvention of the work of Frank Percy Smith, English director who was, in the 1920s and 1930s, pioneered techniques like time-lapse (effect of ultra- accelerated made frame) or microcinematography. For the first time, he revealed the hidden secrets of nature. I first saw The Acrobatic Fly , his most famous film, then I wanted to know more about his work. And the more I saw his films, more ideas come to me, the music seemed to spring. The title Minute Bodies , I borrowed the scientific treatise Micrographia Robert Hooke, a contemporary of Isaac Newton, who reproduced and released the first images seen through a microscope in 1665.

What musicians involved in this project?
The core is constituted of Thomas Belhom , Christine Ott, multi-instrumentalist David Boulter and myself. It all started during a recording session with them. Thomas and Christine are very special musicians, each unique. I really wanted them to be involved from the start. As for David, he brought enormously to the project. Since then, our journey led us to invite other musicians to join us in this world. It’s a very different approach from an album of Tindersticks. The images are both very strong and musically malleable. There are no rules, sometimes no indication of measurement … We could just destroy us.”


Official website news:

not announced officially yet. Also unknown if the project runs under the “tindersticks” name – though initial indications (Movie Concerts page in Nantes & other webbits) indicate that it might be so  –  more infos: t.b.a



* Minute Bodies

Minute Bodies / Micrographia – R. Hooke  – Wikipedia Article  – Photo  “Title Page fo Micrographia” – CC license: public domain

Project Gutenberg:  http://www.gutenberg.org/files/15491/15491-h/15491-h.htm

Interview with Stuart about the recording process of TWR & older studio settings

The american music magazine “On Tape” has an excellent multi-page interview out (Issue 117 Jan/Feb. 2017) with Stuart Staples about his recording studios in the past & about the recording process of the current 2016 album “The Waiting Room” and other recording stories.

Some nice photos of the Studio atmosphere made by Neil Fraser & included in the article.

You can read it for free here:  http://tapeop.com/interviews/117/stuart-staples/   or the take a look at the full magazine issue here: http://tapeop.com/issues/117/


source: screenshot of the article preview on http://tapeop.com/issues/117/  website

FM Radio Rebroadcast – Nearly Full Concert – Berlin Volksbühne 14.02.2016

Really enjoying this (nearly) Full Rebroadcast from 14th February 2016 – a great concert recording in FM Radio Quality:

Tindersticks @ Volksbuehne, Berlin, Germany, 2016-02-14

listen to the stream in the next days, before it vanishes there again:



source: partial screenshot of the website

THE WAITING ROOM 2016 album & film project updates

Details & 2016 concerts for the new THE WAITING ROOM album tour:

Photo from the official website

statement from Stuart A. Staples on the official homepage :

The new album, film project

Hello everyone. Welcome to this next part of our band’s journey.
The new album, ‘The waiting room’, was completed in the summer after a long time of gradual writing and recording. We think it’s pretty strong and a step on (a stride even?) from ‘The something rain’.

I think it’s our first real ‘5 piece’ album. There are some great guest contributions also – Jehnny Beth, Lhasa, Julian Seigel – but it is more or less a balance between the 5 of us.

The song, ‘We are dreamers!’, has been out there a while and ‘Hey Lucinda’ is here below with its great film by British artists Rosie Pedlow and Joe King.

The film is part of ‘The waiting room film project’; collaboration with the Clermont- Ferrand International Short Film Festival, with each song from the album having a short film commissioned specifically for it. The process of working with the festival to identify directors, team them with songs and then carry the conversation through to conclusion has been a long but rewarding one. Myself and Suzanne were even able to explore some of the visual ideas we had for the songs.

It was a great feeling to bring all the works together recently. A dvd of the complete project will be part of the limited edition packages.

Many concerts are being confirmed for the first half of next year. A number of them will be cine concerts with the songs played live to the projected films. The first of these special concerts will be at the Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival.

The artwork comes from a Richard Dumas photo session, as well as the cover image there is a 16 page photo booklet in the LP and CD.

As Neil commented recently ‘This album…it’s a bit of a monster’

Update: another PR text from http://www.tindersticks.co.uk/the-waiting-room/  (end of 11/2015)

“the waiting room

It took 4 years to create, what seemed like, a huge pile of ideas and then sift though them to find the nuggets that form this album. An album essentially made from a collection of first or second takes of shared moments, gently edited down and embellished into the songs here.

After 2102’s ‘the something rain’ tindersticks needed some time to figure out this rebuilt, reinvigorated band we had become. Time needed for it take its own shape. There were welcome diversions – the electronic soundtrack to Claire Denis’ ‘Les Salauds’, the orchestral soundscapes for the Ypres WW1 museum, the ‘Singing skies’ art project and book. And also celebrating our 20th anniversary with a live in the studio album and European tour… moments of coming to terms with our past, being released from it.

From the dissolution of the original line up in 2006 (David Boulter, Neil Fraser and Stuart A. Staples remaining) to the addition of Dan Mckinna (2007) and Earl Harvin (2009). This new incarnation has gradually been finding its own way of approaching ideas within their studio environment of ‘Le chien chanceux’. This was felt keenly with the writing and recording of ‘Help Yourself’ – The first song to be realized for this album – which raised a lot of questions, not least: How do we make an album that this song sits happily in the centre of?

Gradually the other songs began to surface and show themselves. From abstract ideas (‘Were we once lovers?’, ‘How he entered’) to more traditional structures (‘Second chance man’, ‘The waiting room’), and finally to the song we needed to begin the album – A cover version of ‘Follow me’, Bronislau Kaper’s theme from the 1962 version of ‘Mutiny on the bounty’.

Although the recording, production and arrangements were taken care of in-house, the album also benefits hugely from the brass arrangements of Julian Siegel and the singing of Jehnny Beth from Savages on ‘We are dreamers!’.

And a last song with Lhasa.

Lhasa de Sela was a great artist and singer but, more importantly, a close friend and creative ally. Before her death in 2010, when she was fit and well, we recorded the singing for the song ‘Hey Lucinda’ together. It has taken a long time for me to be able to return this recording and, hopefully, to do justice to the song we both wanted it to be.

August 2015″




“Each song on the album will have a specially commissioned film to accompany it with the series produced by La Blogoteque and directed by a host of different international film directors including Christoph Girardet (Germany), Claire Denis and Pierre Vinour (France), Gabriel Sanna (Brazil) and Rosie Pedlow and Joe King (UK).

update: the film directors:

1. Follow Me – Suzanne Osborne and Stuart A. Staples (UK)
2. Second Chance man – Christoph Girardet (Germany)
3. Were We Once Lovers? – Pierre Vinour (France)
4. Help Youself – Claire Denis (France)
5. Hey Lucinda – Rosie Pedlow and Joe King (UK)
6. This Fear of Emptiness – Stuart A. Staples (UK)
7. How He Entered – Gregorio Graziosi (Italy)
8. The Waiting Room – Stuart A. Staples (UK)
9. Planting Holes -David Reeve (UK)
10. We Are Dreamers! – Gabraz Sanna and Sara Nao Tem Nome (Brasil)
11. Like Only Lovers Can – Suzanne Osborne and Stuart A. Staples (UK)


Following its world premiere at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in February, the band embark a major European tour culminating in UK gigs in April and May.”

see also on the official site: http://www.tindersticks.co.uk/the-waiting-room


“The Waiting Room’ features guest appearances by Jehnny Beth of Savages and a particularly poignant duet with dear lost friend of Stuart Staples, Lhasa De Sela. Its brass arrangements are by the great Julian Siegel and it comes dressed in a sleeve by legendary french photographer Richard Dumas.

Not only an album, an ambitious collaborative film project also – each track is accompanied by a short film, a visual interpretation by it’s own director, featuring Christoph Girardet, Pierre Vinour, Claire Denis, Rosie Pedlow and Joe King, Gregorio Graziosi, Richard Dumas and Gabriel Sanna.

Tracklist for both audio & video

01. Follow Me (instrumental)
02. Second Chance Man
03. Were We Once Lovers?
04. Help Youself
05. Hey Lucinda (feat. Lhasa De Sela)
06. This Fear Of Emptiness (instrumental)
07. How He Entered
08. The Waiting Room
09. Planting Holes (instrumental)
10. We Are Dreamers! (feat. Jehnny Beth)
11. Like Only Lovers Can

Available as a limited clear vinyl+dvd, black vinyl+dvd, limited cd+dvd, and cd. Vinyl includes mp3 download.”



Single Releases:

(Download-only) single(s) release schedule:

23.09.2015 We are Dreamers! (buyable now)
10.11.2015 Hey Lucinda (buyable now)
08.01.2016 Were we once Lovers?

some recording details:

“The Waiting Room –
David Boulter, Neil Fraser, Earl Harvin, Dan McKinna, Stuart A. Staples.
recorded at ‘le chien chanceux’ by Stuart A. Staples, sometimes with Sam Naval.
Strings and brass recorded by George Murphy (the pool and eastcote)
‘Hey Lucinda’ singing recorded at Hotel2Tango, Montreal mixed may 2015 by Stuart A. Staples
produced by Stuart A. Staples mastered by John Dent at Loud.”


also available now from bandcamp http://tindersticks.bandcamp.com/


the 2nd video from La blogotheque:

see also: http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist/exclusive-beautiful-music-video-for-tindersticks-hey-lucinda-featuring-lhasa-de-sela-20151110


from Stuart A. Staples on this song:

“Hey Lucinda

I started to write this song a long time ago – around 6am, walking the streets of central Cologne – I didn’t realise then that by trying to push at the way a duet is structured – making this song more conversational, fluid – that the musical setting it actually asked for was beyond us. A ten year struggle commenced, it became a joke in the band – ‘Time to try again with Lucinda…’

Along the way I visited my great friend Lhasa de Sela in Montreal and we spent a little time recording a version of ‘Hey Lucinda’. She understood that it was not right for this song to lament, that underneath its ‘sad’ surface, it is full of mischief.

After Lhasa’s death on New Years day 2010 I had to put the song (and her other recordings) away. I have only recently been able to listen to her sing again and Lucinda resurfaced in my consciousness, though this time I was more able to understand what it needed – To be true to the moment we shared singing it together. As a band we approached the music again, giving it only just what was needed but hopefully catching some of that mischief!”


Update 01/2016 – the 3rd Single:


“Tindersticks’ frontman Stuart Staples had this to say about the video and song in a press release: “I have wanted to make a song with a slap bass for some time – it felt dangerous and proved quite a battle to achieve. Resistance even from within our ranks and I would say Dan McKinna was even shy when first playing it – we had to reassure him that he was among friends. The songs structure was also challenging – calling the chords out as we played / recorded. It gives the song an unpredictability that is at odds with the intense momentum that carries it. And that deep lying nervous energy that only a slap bass could bring.

“In the early ’90s Pierre Vinour made an iconic short film called Paris – Marchseille – a time lapse view of the journey through a car window condensed into three minutes ending by driving off the edge of France into the sea. When I saw this film I felt an immediate connection with ‘Were We Once Lovers?’ – the speed of the journey, but I also felt that the song was speeding through the drivers mind. I was pleased that Pierre felt that connection also and he set to work building on this idea. Still, I was still not prepared for the effect the final film had on me. The clenching intensity I felt when making the song was literally doubled. I love it but I can’t wait to be released from it, it holds me in this strange limbo.””


UPDATE 02/2016 – Mr.Donkey is back again.

from the official site:

“tindersticks, new ‘how he entered’ film

‘very excited to announce that our new film for ‘how he entered’ will be available next week.

the conclusion(?) of what was started with Richard Dumas on the photo session for the album cover, the film directed by Richard and Amaury Voslion was story boarded/art directed by stuart and suzanne.
It was shot in and around Langar Hall in Nottinghamshire, UK.

The film will be presented at Foundation Cartier, Paris on the evening of Monday 22nd February.

It will then be available to see on the Lomography website worldwide from Wednesday 24th February at 4p.m. C.E.T. (there is a little interview there too)

we hope you enjoy (it makes Neil cry..)”

“How He entered” Film , direted by Richard Dumas & Amaury Voslion  – story boarded/art directed by stuart a. staples & Suzanne Osborne


from the official website:


website screenshot

Update (26-08-2015): Three short bits (from the Marc Riley Airing of Terry & Neil on BBC6 – see here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06644j1  (can be relistened for the next 28 days)

  • Album will be released at the end of January 2016
  • An Extensive Tour will follow from end of Feb’16 into May’16
  • Terry Edwards won’t be playing at the tour due to other projects


Official Tindersticks Forum Favourite Song Poll TOP-24 (2013)

here we have the Official Tindersticks Forum Poll TOP-24 results from the poll which was performed in 04-2013.

Great choices folks & Thanks to all who took part & esp. organized it (Gary) !

That poll was a lot of FUN rediscovering forgotten beauty !!!

1- raindrops – (216 points)
2- jism (184 points)
3- mistakes (163 points)
4- my oblivion (155 points)
5- trouble every day (149 points)
6- cherry blossoms (141 points)
7- patchwork (129 points)
8- travelling light (125 points)
9- city sickness (124 points)
10- my sister (123 points)
11- kathleen (123 points)
12- talk to me (115 points)
13- walking- (109 points)
14- tiny tears- (109 points)
15- seaweed- (107 points)
16- marbles- (106 points)
17- a night in- (104 points)
18- frozen- (102 points)
19- the not knowing (95 points)
20- show me everything (95 points)
21- factory girls (95 points)
22- dying slowly (94 points)
23- another night in (94 points)
24- don’t look down (92 points)

The numbers indicate the points given on a minimum 24 song vote with 240 points altogether – 37 fans voted in this poll – Thanks :)


here’s a playlist on youtube – playlist in reverse order (24th place: first video … 1st place: last video – n.b. videos selected subjectively)




and for completeness here are the full results of all songs voted for in the poll & didn’t made it to the Top-24:

can we start again 92
blood 91
snowy in F# minor 85
sleepy song 85
whiskey & water 78
let’s pretend 76
if she’s torn 76
bathtime 73
i know that loving 71
can our love … 70
if you’re looking for a way out 67
mother dear 62
her 62
a night so still 58
sometimes it hurts 57
milky teeth 56
the other side of the world 52
she’s gone 49
say goodbye to the city 49
for those … 49
drunk tank 48
running wild 46
no more affairs 46
buried bones 46
take me 45
boobar 45
tyed 44
el diablo en el ojo 43
until the morning comes 42
paco de renaldo’s dream 40
4.48 psychosis 40
you take this heart of mine 39
sweet memory 37
rented rooms 37
yesterday’s tomorrows 36
medicine 36
the hungry saw 35
don’t ever get tired 34
all the love 33
a sweet sweet man 31
tricklin 30
dancing 30
come feel the sun 28
vertrauen ii 26
cfgf 24
what are you fighting for 23
keep you beautiful 23
(tonight) are you trying to fall in love again  23
slippin shoes 21
here 21
black smoke 21
falling down a mountain 20
before you close your eyes 20
ballad of tindersticks 20
the flicker of a little girl 19
nectar 18
chilitetime 18
this fire of autumn 17
people keep comin round 17
visiting 17

waiting for the moon 16

desperate man 16
untitled 15
dick’s slow song 14
bearsuit 14
a little time 14
shadow 13
introduction 13
she rode me down 12
fast one 12
piano song 11
harmony around my table 11
tie-dye 10
i’ve been loving you too long 10
back to the earth 10
pretty words 9
just drifting 9
e-type 9
chocolate 9
a marriage made in heaven 8
waiting round you 7
my autumn’s done come 7
make believe 7
hubbards hills 7
you’re a pussycat 6
trying to find a home 6
tea stain 6
now its over 6
no man in the world 6
this fire of autumn disco 5
the organist entertains 5
the girl on death row 5
i was your man 5
harry’s dilemma 5
everything changes 5
vertrauen iii 4
the turns we took 4
sweet release 4
singing 4
kooks 4

we have all the time of the world (james bond theme) 4
what is a man 3
velvet fog 3
in a secret place 3
from the inside 3
come inside 3
plus de liasons 2
one way street 2
goodbye joe 2
sexual funk 1
piano music 1
peanuts 1
just a dog 1
i want you 1
e-type joe 1

Don’t Look Down – Barbican (London) 2006 Full Concert is streaming on the official site

One of the best live-gigs ever , playing the 2nd album in full order in the original line-up for the last time (Soundboard Quality)


source: www.tindersticks.co.uk (concerts archive)

n.b. there are 3 other full concerts currently on this website: http://www.tindersticks.co.uk/yesterdays/concerts/