Live Broadcast of the Paris (Cigale – Festival Inrocks) Concert on 7th November 2012

The Paris Concert on 7th November will be broadcasted (along with Lampchop btw) on France Inter FM :


“This is why the chain has decided to support again this year, the Festival Inrocks in his company parties and discoveries.
For the 25th edition of the festival, France Inter offers listeners all over France the opportunity to experience two evenings of concerts live. Go to 20h, live La Cigale for concerts Tindersticks, Lambchop, Mermonte and Daughter”

tindersticks official website will feature an exclusive new Live Album in September in the “members area”

Great News on tindersticks “member area” incl. new live album in mid/late september, exclusively on their website

members area

from an announcement on the tindersticks phorum :
o, I know it’s been a while, and we promised the members area to be live soon. So, here’s an update: Soon = mid/late September.

But don’t despair! In addition to the first forum Q&A and the one from earlier this year (to be published for the first time), there’s going to be a nice “member’s only” surprise, that will be unavailable anywhere else. All tied into an announcement that may or may not have to do with the band playing live in your living room, your car, your office, etc.”

update: it’ll be actually two things, an (yet) undisclosed website-member-only “tinderitem” and this new live recording, as expected from tindersticks surely on a physical media (probably from the spring tour in Spain or Portugal) !