Singing Skies Carborundum Prints (Limited Edition of 12 per 10 songs) – updated

“A collection of handmade carborundum prints of 5 of the skies and their partner songs from the books spreads made by Suzanne and master print-maker Tom Phelan in Vienna are now available
They are in limited editions of 12 only of “Cherry Blossoms”, “I know that loving”, “My oblivion”, “Marseilles sunshine” and “The other side of the world”.”


If you have 725 GBP / 850 EUR or 1125 USD at hand for each of these, so can buy them here:


Photo from official website

Details: 54cm x 37cm prints on Zerkall-German etch. White rough. 350 g/m paper.

Strict limited editions of 12 only.
Signed and numbered by Suzanne & Stuart.
£725 for each print with a signed copy of Singing Skies.
All packaging & courier costs included.


UPDATE : 2nd part of the set is now available.

“The second half of Carborundum prints are now available
with a new film about the making of them by Martin Wallace.

Suzanne revisited Vienna at the beginning of November to complete the Singing Skies carborundum print project.

New prints for ‘Marbles’, ‘Don’t ever get tired’, ‘This fire of autumn’, ‘She’s gone’ and ‘Dance with an old man’ are now available at ”


New Live Tour Vinyl/CD “San Sebastian 2012″ & CD / 7”- Single (This Fire of Autumn) announced

Do you remember the recent announcement:

Great News on tindersticks “member area” incl. new live album in mid/late september, exclusively on their website from an announcement on the tindersticks phorum :

o, I know it’s been a while, and we promised the members area to be live soon. So, here’s an update: Soon = mid/late September.

But don’t despair! In addition to the first forum Q&A and the one from earlier this year (to be published for the first time), there’s going to be a nice “member’s only” surprise, that will be unavailable anywhere else. All tied into an announcement that may or may not have to do with the band playing live in your living room, your car, your office, etc.”

update: it’ll be actually two things, an (yet) undisclosed website-member-only “tinderitem” and this new live recording, as expected from tindersticks surely on a physical media (probably from the spring tour in Spain or Portugal) !””


Here’s the info:

A new Tour EP (on Vinyl & CD) and a 7″ Single (incl. Video to be released soon)


“To commemorate this gig, a selection of recordings from this live show, Live in San Sebastian 2012, will be made available in a special double pack edition of The Something Rain on 5 November on Lucky Dog / City Slang.

There will also be a a very limited run of Live in San Sebastian 2012 available on standalone vinyl. In addition, we will have a special standalone CD version of the live album that will only be available at our live shows and our online shop.”the Tracklist is:
1. Show Me Everything
2. This Fire of Autumn
3. A Night So Still
4. Medicine
5. Slippin’ Shoes
6. Frozen
7. Come Inside
8. Goodbye Joe….”To precede the release of Live in San Sebastian, we are releasing the track This Fire of Autumn (alternateversion) on 7” single b/w This Fire Of Autumn (instrumental) on 8th October. A video for This Fire of Autumn is forthcoming.” 

UPDATE on the available versions:

There are three versions of the live album.
1. the double package with TSR (out 5th November)
2. the cd only version
3. the vinyl only version

The cd will only be available on tour and in the online store.

“This Fire of Autumn” single will be available on cd and 7″ Vinyl (out 8th October) update – CD version cancelled 


check later here :

The Something Rain merchandise (CD, Vinyl and tour-only items)

“tindersticks merchandise update: The Something Rain CD is ready to go up on the online shop right now and will be available today! The rest of our merchandise is, unfortunately, marooned in Germany at the minute. There will definitely be copies of the Live In London double CD going into the shop as soon as we can get our hands on them! And we would expect to have vinyl copies of The Something Rain there, too. There will be a limited number of the new tour-only 10″ featuring “Medicine (Full Version)” b/w “In A Secret Place” (Lucky Dog 11) made available in the UK and City Slang territories especially for Record Store Day on 21 April.

Say Hello to the new, old Tindersticks Shop, called “tindersticks greedbag” !


here’s the official Announcement from earlier today:

“We are delighted to announce, finally, the opening of the tindersticks online shop. Inside you’ll find releases and official bootlegs spanning our career on CD and vinyl – including some rare and out-of-print releases. For the first time, you will also be able purchase some digital albums directly from us. We will also be stocking various other merchandise and adding new items on a regular basis.”

Thanks for your patience. Happy shopping!


here’s an impression of the shop design :

source: website screenshot  

Update: You’ll get the things from the shop from ‎”Lucky Dog Inc. Limited” – Lovely ;)