1,2 … 3 Big News: New 3rd Stuart A. Staples Solo Album called “Arrhythmia” out June 15th 2018 & New Single “Memory of Love” available on Streaming Services now !

1,2,…3 here we go now – ALL new things (updated regularly) here:

1.  New Single of Stuart A. Staples leaked on Streaming Services , called “Memory of Love” – Available on Apple Music; Spotify et al. – also available to buy via Amazon Music, Itunes et al Download Platforms

check here: https://stuartastaples.lnk.to/Arrhythmia

source(s): website / apps screenshots of the Single on Spotify, Itunes  & amazon music


Video of that track, via The Quietus http://thequietus.com/articles/24364-stuart-a-staples-new-video

2.  New Stuart A. Staples (his 3rd) Solo Album, called “Arrhythmia“,  out June 15th 2018 on CitySlang 

please check out more Details here too:  https://cityslang.com/releases/stuart-a-staples-arrhythmia


source: cover album featured on City Slang artist release website (https://cityslang.com/releases/stuart-a-staples-arrhythmia)


  1. A New Real 05:13
  2. Memories Of Love 10:34
  3. Step Into The Grey 07:28
  4. Music For A Year In Small Paintings 30:52



Staples sings and plays guitar, bass, chimes, q-chord, philichorda, bells, Wurlitzer piano and vibraphone on the album. Arrhythmia also features Dan Mckinna (piano), Thomas Belhom (drums), Seb Rochford (drums), Julian Siegel (clarinet, quartet arrangement), David Boulter (musical saw), and Neil Fraser (guitar).”  (sourcehttp://www.undertheradarmag.com/news/stuart_a._staples_of_tindersticks_announces_new_solo_album_shares_new_song_ )


from the City Slang website Press-Release:

Album Information:


June 15, 2018 | Slang50156

Stuart A. Staples releases Arrhythmia on 15 June via City Slang, his first solo album in thirteen years. Arrhythmia is immersive and experimental, both recognisably the work of the Tindersticks’ frontman and simultaneously a stand-alone, unique piece of work. It’s a provocative album where electronic experimentations and rare multi-instrumentations interweave, wrapping themselves around unconventional but utterly spellbinding song structures.

Written in what Stuart A. Staples describes as “a lost year”, Arrhythmia began on Christmas day 2016 when he was drawn to the studio to record the beginnings of A new real, the album’s hypnotic opener of glitchy electronic loops with a sly nod to disco. A year later the entire album was complete, a process which involved Staples struggling between his own free sense of timing and more mechanical rhythms and what he describes as “a growing need for each song to take a turn, to lead them into strange places, keeping the feeling or effect of the song, but only as a memory.”

The second track Memories of love is indicative of Arrhythmia’s time-less experimentation and musical exploration. A stark and delicate melancholy opens up to rich and increasingly vivid chiming bells. There’s a feeling that the song has two diversely distinct parts unexpectedly, yet perfectly, married. Closing side 1, Step into the grey offers a dark romanticism reminiscent of early Tindersticks with a crescendo of freestyle percussion and strings.

Side 2 of the album consists of a 30 minute instrumental track Music for ‘A year in small paintings’. The piece began its evolution back in 2012 when filmmaker, and long-time Staples collaborator, Claire Denis first saw the serial of works by the painter (and Staples’ partner) Suzanne Osborne and wanted to turn these 365 oil paintings of the sky into a film. As friends and musicians passed through Staples’ studio he asked them to watch and react to the paintings. As Staples explains “From these recordings, I chipped away at its form, guiding and editing. Each time there was an exhibition of the work there was a newly evolved version of the music to accompany it.” Eventually the creative process came full circle when Claire Denis’ film Un beau soliel interieur (transl. Let the  Sunshine In), featured the paintings, and their music became inextricably linked to the film’s soundtrack. Improvisations of the themes from Music for ‘A year in small paintings’ were also contributed by The Julian Siegel Quartet.


BTW new Stuart A. Staples Artists pages include facebook (a bit older ) and  a new bandcamp website:

Record Label:  https://cityslang.com/releases/stuart-a-staples-arrhythmia

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Stuart-Ashton-Staples-105720336114657/

Bandcamp: https://stuartastaples.bandcamp.com/

source: screenshot of the SAS Artists sub-page at City Slang website

3.  New Official Webshop is available at: https://tindersticks.bingomerch.com/

the shop includes CD, LP and Limited Vinyl version ((SOLD OUT) 300 pieces – numbered & handprinted by Stuart A. Staples & Suzanne Osbourne & Tom Phelan, also signed by SAS) and a digital download (mp3 and other formats through the bandcamp shop) version of the new album.

source: screenshot at the new official webshop

Description of the new Limited LP version:

This item and all items ordered with it will ship on or around June 15, 2018 You will receive the first single “Memories of Love” as instant download.

180g Black Vinyl in a hand numbered and hand printed limited edition sleeve. Limited to 300 pieces worldwide.

The sleeve image of this limited edition is a 3 colour woodblock print, hand-cut and hand-printed from three separate blocks on matte white Ouvre 200 gsm paper. Taken from an original photograph by Stuart. Made at Black Spot Press, Vienna, 12 – 17 March 2018 by Tom Phelan, Suzanne Osborne and Stuart. Watch the making of here:  


A1. A New Real (5:13)
A2. Memories Of Love (10:34)
A3. Step Into The Grey (7:28)
B1. Music For “A Year In Small Paintings” (30:52)

and last, but not least:

The Official Website is back in a  new redesigned design, it lost some features & the front donkey, bringing back the tindersticks lettering (known from the 1995 2nd album)
source: screenshot of the official website

from the recent facebook posting:

“… Today also sees the opening of the new tindersticks website and shop and the start of general tindersticks activity

So, new material may come up in future times – Let’s hope they’ll add soon some anniversary releases and/or new tindersticks releases :)

FM Radio Rebroadcast – Nearly Full Concert – Berlin Volksbühne 14.02.2016

Really enjoying this (nearly) Full Rebroadcast from 14th February 2016 – a great concert recording in FM Radio Quality:

Tindersticks @ Volksbuehne, Berlin, Germany, 2016-02-14

listen to the stream in the next days, before it vanishes there again:



source: partial screenshot of the website

First full album Stream (incl. full video) of “The Waiting Room” on NPR – incl. detailed story on each track

see here for a lengthy feature, interview, video film project (full) stream and Stuart A. Staples on each track of TWR (incl. full audio stream)





partial website screenshot

tindersticks Concert @ Philharmonie de Paris – LIVE STREAM 10.02.2015

the concert will be live streamed on the website of the Philharmonie de Paris, check out again on the 10th February here:




Stuart Staples, voix, guitare
David Boulter, claviers
Dan McKinna, guitare, contrebasse, voix

Sylvester Earl Harvin, batterie, guitare
Neil Fraser, guitares
Howard Gott, alto
Robert Spriggs, violoncelle
Calina De La Mar, violon
Lucy Wilkins, violon
Andrew Nice, violoncelle, bois


UPDATE: arte TV FR will stream also this concert live on: http://concert.arte.tv/fr/tindersticks-la-philharmonie-de-paris

A6LY & Les Salauds streaming links (starting Monday 7th October)

Across Six Leap Years will be available to stream starting Monday 7th October 1 p.m. CET



Update: list of sites here (for forwarding link click here: http://www.tindersticks.co.uk/tomorrows/ )



website screenshot



UK – www.thequietus.com
Ireland – www.rte.ie
Germany – www.zeit.de
France – www.deezer.com
Spain – www.elpais.com (available 8 October)
Portugal – www.blitz.sapo.pt
Austria – www.kurier.at
Italy – www.sentireascoltare.com
Sweden – www.nojesguiden.se
Belgium – www.standaard.be


Update 2: the Soundtrack “Les Salauds” is streaming here:


Don’t Look Down – Barbican (London) 2006 Full Concert is streaming on the official site

One of the best live-gigs ever , playing the 2nd album in full order in the original line-up for the last time (Soundboard Quality)


source: www.tindersticks.co.uk (concerts archive)

n.b. there are 3 other full concerts currently on this website: http://www.tindersticks.co.uk/yesterdays/concerts/

Arte TV streams the Gig in Paris on Monday 5th March

Arte+ will be streaming the band’s Paris show in Le Trianon on Monday 5 March:


Official stream will be available for 1/2 a year btw.

from their french site:
Après plus de 20 ans de carrière, Tindersticks évolue toujours dans un clair-obscur au charme suranné que l’atmosphère mélancolique et vénéneuse de son 9ème album ne viendra pas démentir. Entre folk spectral, orchestrations élégiaques et tentations d’aller vers une légèreté soul, le bateau a pourtant souvent tangué. Après Waiting For The Moon en 2003, le chanteur Stuart Staples – émigré en France, dans la Creuse – avait tenté l’aventure en mode solitaire. C’était pour mieux tout reconstruire et revenir aux affaires collectives en 2008, avec le remarquable The Hungry Saw qui inaugurait une sorte de deuxième jeunesse pour le groupe.

Entre temps, les Anglais s’étaient aussi fait l’auteur des bandes originales des films de Claire Denis (de Nénette & Boni à White Material), récemment rééditée en coffret, avant qu’une belle alliance entre City Slang et Constellation décide d’accueillir les nouvelles productions d’un groupe dont la géométrie, recentrée autour de ses trois membres fondateurs, ne cesse de varier.

The Something Rain (à découvrir par là) sonne à première écoute un peu plus électrique et rapide que ses prédécesseurs, et apparaît comme une étape supplémentaire dans la mue d’un groupe qui ne cesse d’habiller différemment sa mélancolie douce-amère. Les débuts furent très orchestraux, ici les armes sont plus variées : on y entend ici une boite à rythme vintage, du spoken word ou encore une touche d’un funk délicat et discret.

Une chose demeure : Stuart et ses petits amis font toujours dans la dentelle majestueuse. Et, on l’espère, dans les prestations scéniques bouleversantes.”