Update: All shows cancelled due to illness – Tindersticks add a 4 night / 6 show block at SOHO Theatre London in Feb.2012

now all shows have been officially canceled for 2012.
There might be plans for 2013 for a similar event, but we will see then.

but nethertheless a 2012 summer festival date has been confirmed now for Londo:

Somerset House on 15th July 2012



from the SOHO Theatre:

“Unfortunately this week’s shows will not be going ahead as Stuart (singer) has laryngitis.

tindersticks are sad to announce that they have been forced to postpone their 4 nights of shows in London’s Soho Theatre due to a highly unlikely recurrence of Stuart Staples’ laryngitis.

We are currently working closely with the band to reschedule the events as soon as possible and will be in touch with more information as soon as we have it. Updates will be featured on our website

For refunds please contact the box office on 0207 478 0100 or if you wanted to stay on the lists and be rebooked to another upcoming tinderstick show, we can keep your order.

Kind regards,

Soho Theatre”



freshly in, from the official press release (http://www.tindersticks.co.uk/?p=3239):

tindersticks are excited to announce a four night residency in the intimate surroundings of Soho Theatre in Dean Street, London, to celebrate the release of their new album, the something rain (Lucky Dog).

The four special shows will take place in the 150 capacity Main House from Wednesday 22 – Saturday 25 February 2012. In addition, there will be two special late night acoustic shows in the Theatre’s cabaret space, Soho Downstairs, on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 February. The band will be playing songs from their new album and, who knows, maybe some live favourites, too.

Tickets go on sale Wednesday 21 December at 10am and are available from:

Tel. 020 7478 0100

Tickets for the Main House shows are priced at £25 and for Soho Downstairs tickets are £15. A limited number of tickets are available for both shows on the Friday and Saturday nights at £35.

This special run of shows takes place in the first week of release of tindersticks’ new album, the something rain, which is released on their own Lucky Dog label on 20 February 2012.”


Message from Stuart A. Staples

from the official www.tindersticks.co.uk phorum site:

“Hello friends, ‘been meaning to write for a while but my personal life has been mayhem. I was going to say it is settling down now, however the course of events over the last few days have just increased that sense.
Most immediately, I wanted to say how deeply disappointed I am not to able to sing at the Soho Theatre. It hurts.
So many people have worked so hard to make it happen in the first place and we are concerned for the people who have traveled a long way to come and see us play. I hope we are able to rearrange the shows soon.
Seems I have a problem with my voice that I have to get to the bottom of and I have spent the last two day in Harley Street trying to do so (contributions welcome). We are all hoping that the coming days will reveal the root of the problem and the course of action needed.
But selfishly(?) our band was sounding so great in rehearsals – I have never been in a situation of taking an album in to a rehearsal room and so quickly and naturally the songs just stepped forward – ‘Made it doubly hard to not be able to make the shows.

Originally, I wanted to say something about the album itself – I hope you enjoy it. Yes, it was a labour of love, everyone put so much into it, made sacrifices they did not need to. But we always managed to keep hold of the joy and sense of adventure of making this music, even when times were really hard.
I know so many people judge our albums by the first few (I can see why with the first two, when we didn’t accept there was an outside world) and I am not saying this album is as good or better, but it is definitely happy to hang around with them without feeling any sense of inferiority. We are feeling pretty proud. And maybe even a sense of a closed circle.
I hope for you, who have stuck with us through many uncertain times, it is a little pay-off.

If you don’t hear again from me for a while, take it as good news, as there will be no need for any explanations.

I am sure I can say on behalf of Neil, David, Dan, Earl (and Terry, of course) that we all look forward to feeling your presence within our music at a concert soon.




Tindersticks new album details – “The Something Rain” (Setlist & Video & Coverartwork)

See here for full details:

“The Something Rain brims and bristles with canny narrative thrust. Slinky, supple compositions are spiked with plenty of barbed edges and sparkling fizz. Right out the gate, album opener “Chocolate” features David Boulter’s sequel to the spoken-word classic “My Sister” from Tindersticks’ 1995 eponymous release. Boulter narrates the story while the band works up a brilliant, brewing crescendo, abetted by the swirling horns of long-time collaborator Terry Edwards. This is indeed a new Tindersticks classic – edgier, more exuberant and more expansive – that spurs The Something Rain into a set of rolling, at times rollicking, and always inimitably Tinderstickian takes on smoky Northern Soul.”

Cover Artwork by Suzanne ;) (365 painted skies from Sep. 2010 – Sep. 2011 each day a sky)

tindersticks – Medicine (official video) from tindersticks on Vimeo.


1 Chocolate
2 Show Me Everything
3 This Fire Of Autumn
4 A Night So Still
5 Slippin’ Shoes
6 Medicine
7 Frozen
8 Come Inside
9 Goodbye Joe

“They have gradually grown into a tight five piece band, utilising the riches of a great extended family of musicians.
There are the usual collaborators here – Terry Edwards (saxophone) and Andy Nice (cello, soprano sax) – and on The Something Rain they are also joined by: Thomas Bloch (crystal bachet), Gina Foster (vocals) Julian Siegel (bass clarinet, tenor saxophone) and Will Wilde (chromatic harmonica).” (quoted from the City Slang details page)

Chocolate 9:04
Show Me Everything 5:29
This Fire Of Autumn 4:17
A Night So Still 5:44
Slippin’ Shoes 4:32
Medicine 4:59
Frozen 5:43
Come Inside 7:40
Goodbye Joe 2:42

Running time: 50:14 minutes

David Boulter, Neil Fraser, Earl Harvin, Dan McKinna, Stuart A. Staples.
Thomas Bloch, Terry Edwards, Gina Foster, David Kitt, Andy Nice, Julian Siegel and Will Wilde.

Release Dates: 20st February 2012 (Europe) & 21st February 2012 (US)

The Something Rain will be released on Lucky Dog for the UK, Constellation for the USA/Canada and on City Slang for Europe.

You can preorder here:
Lucky Dog : later this week

Btw: All versions are set to be identical. Just a difference of selling regions. Even the manufacturing is happening at the same place for the three (UK, USA/CANADA, Europe) editions !


New Album announced for Feb.-2012 and following tour (Europe) – Updated

fresh from the official website:
“tindersticks is putting the finishing touches to a new album which will be released in February 2012 and followed by a European tour.”

“The first dates yet announced … are below:

Wednesday 22 February – Saturday 25 February
SOHO Theatre, London  (on 24 & 25 Feb. : each 2 shows 21:30 (normal) and 23:30 (accoustic))

Sunday 4 March
Rockhal, Luxembourg

Monday 5 March
Paris, Trianon

Tuesday 6 March
Brugge, Concertgebouw

Wednesday 7 March
Berlin, Volksbuhne

Saturday 10 March
Copenhagen, Radiohusets Koncertsal

Sunday 11 March
Amsterdam, Melkweg Rabo Zaal

Monday 12 March
Cologne, Gloria

Tuesday 13 March
Thalia Theater, Hamburg

Thursday 15 March
Theatre de l’Octogone, Lausanne/Pully

Friday 16 March
Zuerich, Kaufleuten

Saturday 17 March
Stadthalle, Heidelberg

Sunday 18 March
Muffathalle, Munich

More dates to be announced soon!



2x 60 minutes sets for the forthcoming tindersticks UK tour (& 1 or two new previews of new songs)

fresh news from the band:

“Some exciting news for anyone who will be coming along to any of the shows on the UK tour… tindersticks will be playing TWO sets at every show. The first set will be a special 60 minute version of the Claire Denis Film Scores show with cinematic projections of the film excerpts. Following a short intermission, the band will then roll into a 60 minute set of more traditional tindersticks songs (with an occasional possibility of a new song or two).”




to give you a glimpse of what the setlist includes (from the 17th in Manchester):


Waiting For The Moon
Don’t Ever Get Tired
Sleepy Song
My Oblivion


Film scores including:

Friday Night
The Otherside Of The World
Trouble Every Day
Tiny Tears


note: new song from the forthcoming album


Here’s a snippet of the one-off (looks it is popular nowadays: see BBC2 show, that was recently announced in the same line-up) reduced Tindersticks line-up (Stuart, David & Dan only) show at the Misty 2011 festival in Sintra


Say Hello to the new, old Tindersticks Shop, called “tindersticks greedbag” !

SHOP-LINK: http://tindersticks.greedbag.com/

here’s the official Announcement from earlier today:


“We are delighted to announce, finally, the opening of the tindersticks online shop. Inside you’ll find releases and official bootlegs spanning our career on CD and vinyl – including some rare and out-of-print releases. For the first time, you will also be able purchase some digital albums directly from us. We will also be stocking various other merchandise and adding new items on a regular basis.”

Thanks for your patience. Happy shopping!


here’s an impression of the shop design :

source: website screenshot  

Update: You’ll get the things from the shop from ‎”Lucky Dog Inc. Limited” – Lovely ;)