15 years ago in Brussels – The Botanique Festival 2001

tindersticks celebrated from 9th – 12th May 2001 their 10th anniversary in a special festival at the Botanique in Brussels.

some memories:






hidden stories: “possesion immédiate” french journal interview with Stuart (around 05-2014)

Possesion Immédiate french journal interview with Stuart (around  May 2014)

I found this interview sometime before, but it got lost in the time. This is a really good interview with Stuart A. Staples about some hidden stories & facts of the band history & other things – really worth reading !

check out the full interview here:

part I: http://possession-immediate.com/2014/05/stuart-staples-tindersticks-entretien-1/
part II: http://possession-immediate.com/2014/05/stuart-staples-tindersticks-entretien-2/
part III: http://possession-immediate.com/2014/06/stuart-staples-tindersticks-entretien-3/



Phil Nicholls tindersticks Photos/Prints

Lately some other rare, original prints surfaced on ebay too.

Now, the long-time following photographer Phil Nicholls ( http://www.philnicholls.co.uk) has opened his own ebay-shop “outlet” in order to sell some rare, limited photos/prints from his archive of original tindersticks and other artists projects.

Here’s a link to his ebay shop: http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/phil*nicholls*archive?_trksid=p2047675.l2559


website screenshot


“From the clearance of all those boxes of prints, remainders of 3 decades of photographic sessions.
As I re-build my new darkroom, here’s to another 30 years, “Long live film!” ”


Please be free to also visit his tindersticks dedicated website on his homepage: http://www.philnicholls.co.uk/content/music/tindersticks

“A collection of Tindersticks images including a few old favourites, video stills, sleeve pics and un-published pieces from a 10 year period”


Did you know that the complete band officially has dyed their hair in the 90s

A small bit found on the “for those …” homepage (see via tindernostalgica link). Do you remember this first ever tindersticks homepage – if you’ve been around mid/late 90s and had access to the internet, you might atually have seen it being alive.

“…by the way – stuart, neil, david, al, dickon and mark all dye their hair on a regular basis. they feel it’s a positive fashion statement. get dying everyone.


(from an email to the website’ owner through James Endacott – the tindersticks band manager in 09/1996)