Neil Fraser speaks in an interview about the Film Scores Boxset, Upcoming Live Concerts and more historical things

Check out here this month’s edition of ‘You and the Night and the Music’ with Adrian Arratoon (also known as “aad” on the official phorum) on  Different Class Radio. This episode includes at the end a long & detailed interview with tindersticks guitarist Neil Fraser.



Some interesting points about the forthcoming “film scores” live shows:

  • “we are working on a new album”
  • “it’s gonna be … like an hour and 20 minutes long … there are scenes of films we’ve done soundtracks for … not in a chronological order”
  • “The films will be projected behind us … on a stage with the movie screen behind us”
  • Who’s gonna playing live?: “Me, Stuart, Dave the original three … then Dan Mckinna, Earl Harvin … the  sort-of core Five … and there’s Terry Edwards … and Andy Nice … and a violin player, called Howard.”

Neil also talks detailed about touring & playing live in the past and now. Also about the mysterious box of matches called “tender stick” which became tindersticks as band-name in the end. About the Barbican gig in 2006 and the end of the original line-up. And in the end about football, his family, musical background, music industry, Vinyl releases and other interesting things like him studying chemistry at university.


UPDATE: the setlist from Istanbul (11-04-2011)

1 Ma Soeur
2 La Passerelle
3 Les Gateaux
4 35 Rhums Opening
5 Train Montage 1
6 Friday Night
7 White Material Opening
8 Bus Vision 1
9 Children’s Theme
10 Yellow Dog
11 Trouble Every Day
12 Killing Theme
13 Maid Theme
14 Train Montage 2
15 Renes Death
16 Pusan Snow
17 Horse Dream
18 The Black Mountain
19 The Otherside of the World
20 Attack on the Pharmacy
21 White Material Closing
22 Tiny Tears
23 Rumba



Constellation Records gives details on the Tindersticks film scores box set

source: website screenshot

source: website screenshot

Here are the official packaging notes on this:

The Tindersticks soundtracks set features 190 minutes of music across 5 CDs or 180gLPs.

Each disc is housed in 350gsm/18pt duotone print sleeves with silver spot inks (and silver varnished interiors for the CD wallets), inserted into a foil-embossed double-wall slip box with custom die-cut window, made from 550gsm/25pt all-black brushed-finish uncoated board.  All using 100% recycled papers.

Also includes a 64pp perfect-bound booklet with extensive colour film still reproductions and an essay by Michael Hill (in English and translated to French).


5×180gLP edition includes an additional 12″x12″ art card and 12″x24″ poster – limited to 1000 copies.



Tindersticks announce 5CD/LP O.S.T. Boxset

Constellation Records (the US label) has today announced details about the forthcoming Claire Denis Boxset, see here for the original press release:

source: website screenshot  

Out 26 April 2011:

Claire Denis Film Scores 1996-2009
CST077   5xCD / 5×180gLP / DL

This is an early warning systems announcement.

We are thrilled to be releasing a very special box set compiling all of the soundtracks that members of Tindersticks have created for the films of French director Claire Denis over the past 15 years.  This set will include six soundtracks in all (two of which are in the 23:00 range and will appear together on a single CD and on each side of an LP); four of the soundtracks are previously unreleased, including the score for her most recent and hugely acclaimed White Material (which has also received Criterion treatment).

The set will be housed in a custom window-cut slipcase made from deluxe black uncoated 18pt cardstock with foil embossing – as seen in the image above, sleeve cover images will shine through the window cut when inserted in the package.  Also included is a 48pp perfect-bound booklet with extensive colour plates of film stills and an essay (in English and in French translation) by renowned music writer Michael Hill (who has also contributed liner notes for collections by Lou Reed, Sam Cooke, The Replacements and others).

Audio preview and special pre-order offer will be available to newsletter subscribers next week – sign up to get the inside scoop.

Full list of soundtracks and running times after the jump.


16 TRACKS, 37:57

35 RHUMS (2008)
12 TRACKS, 25:40

L’INTRUS (2004) – by Stuart A. Staples
10 TRACKS, 22:58

VENDREDI SOIR (2002) – by Dickon Hinchliffe
12 TRACKS, 23:40

14 TRACKS, 41:11

14 TRACKS, 37:11