Bright Sunshine In – “Un beau soleil Interieur” / O.S.T. by Stuart A. Staples

In Cannes the new film of Claire Denis premiered.

The music/soundtrack was created by Stuart A. Staples.

an interview with Julliet Binoche & Claire Denis on the film:

here on the film:

Claire Denis is faithful. To his actors for example – Alex Descas in Un beau soleil interior – to his technicians, to the music of Stuart Staples, who is still accompanying this new film.”

another article:

“The 51-year-old musician is also the author of a jazz that colors the filmUn beau soleil intérieur, by Claire Denis (see Libération de Jeudi ). This is the seventh soundtrack he signed for the filmmaker.”

more details on the film:
and from on the other OST Stuart Staples is doing in 2017:

“The film also benefits from the music of Stuart A. Staples, the frontman of British band Tindersticks who wrote the soundtracks for Claire Denis’ recent films, including her latest Cannes entry Bright Sunshine In.”


and here’s an interview about this & other film released questions:

As for this new film by Claire Denis, UN BEAU SOLEIL INTÉRIEUR, you who come from rock, do however here jazz …

SS : Yes in part. I wanted to explore. There was an element of music that was “outside”, linked to the context, and the other that came from within, the intimate character of Juliette Binoche. But there are also moments of break in the film when the background music comes to the foreground and carries a real message. There is, for example, a scene in the film where the character is in a taxi and there is this jazzy music in the background. The radio lights up and the background moves to the foreground. This background moves from something passive and uninteresting to something essential, central, and I think these transitions are very important.

For this score, you have used a jazz band?

SS : Yes, the Julian Siegel Quartet. They are very instinctive London musicians. They just had to explain the themes they had in the film and then they developed the atmospheres, the atmosphere.

Is there some improvisation?

SS : Yes, there is a central theme played by the piano and the guitar which becomes the starting point of an improvisation. It is an evolving theme around the piano and the electric guitar. ”

(translated from french original, see below for full link)


new O.S.T. for C.Denis space sci-fi film will be produced 2015/2016

see here for details:


Screen Daily reports that French auteur Claire Denis will make her English language debut with a sci-fi film set in space, co-penned by the filmmaker with acclaimed author Zadie Smith (“White Teeth,” “On Beauty“) andNick Laird. Plot details aren’t being shared just yet, except that the story will be set “beyond the solar system in a ‘future that seems like the present.’ ” So yes, we’re already totally on board. And the list of collaborators is even more fascinating with Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, and astrophysicist Aurélien Barrau lending their skills, with Stuart Staples ofTindersticks one again reteaming with Denis to score the movie. Better yet, things are moving right along with production to begin either in late 2015 or early 2016.

We really can’t wait to see what Denis does in the realm of science-fiction but perhaps the short film below is a clue. Late last year, Denis directed the short “Contact by Olafur Eliasson,” featuring music by Staples, to accompany an exhibition by the artist in Paris.”



in the meantime:

David Boulter recently worked on the soundtracks for two films, both scheduled to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend, 13-14 September.

On Saturday evening Full Contact directed by David Verbeek, featuring Gregoire Colin –

And Sunday afternoon Five Nights In Maine by Maris Curran –…/festival15/discovery/five-nights-in-maine “


hidden stories: “possesion immédiate” french journal interview with Stuart (around 05-2014)

Possesion Immédiate french journal interview with Stuart (around  May 2014)

I found this interview sometime before, but it got lost in the time. This is a really good interview with Stuart A. Staples about some hidden stories & facts of the band history & other things – really worth reading !

check out the full interview here:

part I:
part II:
part III:



New tindersticks OST “Les Salauds / The Bastards”

from the press kit :


You collaborated again with Stuart Staples and other members of Tindersticks, who have written the music for all your films since “Nenette and Boni”, over fifteen years ago.

Stuart had read the screenplay, which I believe upset him a little. It took him time to find his bearings and start composing. I told him the film began in the rain, and suggested echoing this with dissonant electronic music. I had in mind Tangerine Dream’s music for Michael Mann’s “Thief”. He composed one song, which led him to another, “Put your love in me”, by the 70s English group Hot Chocolate, which he re-arranged.

Then we worked together as we’re accustomed to: I go and see him in his studio in Creuse, he comes to Paris to make me listen, we talk. But there’s less music than usual, it’s good.


Original Music – TINDERSTICKS

Composer – Stuart A. STAPLES

Keyboards – David BOULTER

Bass and keyboards – Dan McKINNA

Ondes Martenot – Christine OTT

Flute – Joanne FRASER

Trumpet – Terry EDWARDS

Vocals – Stuart A. STAPLES

All compositions published by Bug Music / BMG Chrysalis et © Lucky Dog 2013


update: some initial premiere screening reviews:
The mood of foreboding is established right away, as 80s electronica squalls on the soundtrack and Lola Creton picks her way, naked, through the dark streets of Paris.
“As the credits started to roll, the loudest question I had was, “What the hell was that all about?” It’s one thing to play tricks with your narrative, but Denis has got to know this film just doesn’t add up as we’re left to walk out of the theater after watching a homemade rape film and as another piece of electronica plays over the credits.

Visually, the film is quite dark. Denis and her DP, Agnes Godard, shot in digital and definitely went for a darker, more atmospheric look and the score from Tindersticks started to grate on me as one scene bleeds into another about midway through the film as the sound of a ticking clock played underneath a throbbing single electric tone, which could be heard through much of the film.
“Every bit as cold and brutal as its blunt title suggests, Bastards (Les Salauds) is easier to admire than to love. Claire Denis is at the height of her powers in terms of unfaltering control, superb manipulation of mood and masterful use of music by her frequent collaborators Stuart A. Staples and British indie outfit Tindersticks.
“What elevates it above the material is Denis’ command as a filmmaker. Shooting digitally for the first time with frequent collaborator Agnes Godard, she creates a moody visual canvas full of mesmerizing dark textures, with the brooding techno scoring providing the ideal aural accompaniment.”


update 2: official film trailer 


streaming on Spotify:

2x 60 minutes sets for the forthcoming tindersticks UK tour (& 1 or two new previews of new songs)

fresh news from the band:

“Some exciting news for anyone who will be coming along to any of the shows on the UK tour… tindersticks will be playing TWO sets at every show. The first set will be a special 60 minute version of the Claire Denis Film Scores show with cinematic projections of the film excerpts. Following a short intermission, the band will then roll into a 60 minute set of more traditional tindersticks songs (with an occasional possibility of a new song or two).”




to give you a glimpse of what the setlist includes (from the 17th in Manchester):


Waiting For The Moon
Don’t Ever Get Tired
Sleepy Song
My Oblivion


Film scores including:

Friday Night
The Otherside Of The World
Trouble Every Day
Tiny Tears


note: new song from the forthcoming album


Here’s a snippet of the one-off (looks it is popular nowadays: see BBC2 show, that was recently announced in the same line-up) reduced Tindersticks line-up (Stuart, David & Dan only) show at the Misty 2011 festival in Sintra


Tindersticks again in Portugal this summer (16th July)

Sat, July 20:00, Mares Vivas Festival, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

tindersticks will be playing again in Portugal as part of this year’s Mares Vivas Festival in Vila Nova de Gaia on 16 July! Tickets on sale through the following link:
(found on facebook btw)