this is what it looks like (Film Scores – bootleged videos)

3rd concert and now the first video appeared on youtube. here’s a video of “White Material” and other songs from yesterdays performance in Paris- Eglise Saint Eustache

White Material



Trouble Every Day, Killing Theme and Maid Theme


and some others:

“Renes Death” &  “Pusan Snow” from L’Intrus

“Ma Soeur” & “La Passerelle” from Nenette&Boni




(n.b. all videos taken from youtube – uploaded&recorded by “contrebandier“)



please note that in “killing theme” the video was blacked-out due to screening in a catholic church – other concerts have seen & will feature the killing theme with video support.



1 Ma Soeur
2 La Passerelle
3 Les Gateaux
4 35 Rhums Opening
5 Train Montage 1
6 Friday Night
7 White Material Opening
8 Bus Vision 1
9 Children’s Theme
10 Yellow Dog
11 Trouble Every Day
12 Killing Theme
13 Maid Theme
14 Train Montage 2
15 Renes Death
16 Pusan Snow
17 Horse Dream
18 The Black Mountain
19 The Otherside of the World
20 Attack on the Pharmacy
21 White Material Closing
22 Tiny Tears
23 Rumba


UPDATE 2: Pro-Shot by frenche Television TELERAMA (13+ minutes):