The 2016 Q&A from the band

It has been quite a tradition for members of the band to sit down & answer questions from fans/members of their official web phorum.

Like in  2001, 2010 and 2012, they released again this year a new Q&A article. This time on their website:

Go over there & check it out.

source: official website screenshot

tindersticks & social media relationship

an interview bit (from 2011) … sums it up pretty well, or ?!


“Q: Many bands write up tour blogs when they’re on the road for while and keep in touch with followers and fans via social networks online; it really helps keep followers and fans updated in a pseudo-personal way. Seeing you have quite the cult following, how have you adapted to the evolution of social networking helped you keep in touch with the world at large?

A: I like a bit of mystery. I’ve never been interested in meeting my heroes or knowing what they eat for breakfast. It’s very easy these days to have everything delivered to your lap from your laptop.
We do post information and “sell” ourselves over the internet, we have our web site. We have a forum we occasionally take part in. But if we were to spend our time keeping people aware of the mundane ins and outs of our lives, we’d never have the time to live those lives… or make music. 
I would rather see the world than keep in touch with it.”


1st tindersticks Concert ever was in september 1992 (updated)

the 1st tindersticks concert ever was not The Powerhouse gig on 02.12.1992 (Supporting Kick Asteroid and Surrender Dorothy (who later became Sleeper)) but was a gig in The Borderline, London, on 25th or 26th September 1992 (supporting Ed Kuepper and the New Imperialists)

see here:

… as Neil & Stuart remembered lately.


the 2nd tindersticks ever was then on 7th November 1992 in the Old White Horse (London):

source: original artwork, photographed at the botanique exhibition 2001, brussels

and the 3rd was:

Saturday 28 November 1992 or Sunday 29 November 1992
All Nighter 1992
Scala Theatre, London, UK
line-up: Stereolab Tindersticks Huggy Bear Moonshake The Hair And Skin Trading Co Mambo Taxi

and some memories from Neil Fraser on that gig:

I do remember that gig…it was a long night. A byline regarding that show…there was a review of us from the Scala gig in the Melody Maker (or Sounds, not sure which now) with a photo of me and Stuart. I had a ‘proper’ job at the time and my boss, who saw the photo, basically asked me to make a decision between my job and being in a band – I was taking some time off work due to tindersticks commitments – I think I made the right choice.


Stuart Staples will perform a SOLO SHOW in Sintra / Portugal (13.October 2011)

freshly twittered from the official phorum page:

“One-off STUART STAPLES *SOLO* show in Portugal in October to be announced imminently. Stuart will be aided by David Boulter and Dan McKinna”

Sintra (nearby Lisbon)
Misty Festival
13 October 2011

Tickets via FNAC &

(Marseilles Sunshine from S.A.Staples solo work)


Did you know that the complete band officially has dyed their hair in the 90s

A small bit found on the “for those …” homepage (see via tindernostalgica link). Do you remember this first ever tindersticks homepage – if you’ve been around mid/late 90s and had access to the internet, you might atually have seen it being alive.

“…by the way – stuart, neil, david, al, dickon and mark all dye their hair on a regular basis. they feel it’s a positive fashion statement. get dying everyone.


(from an email to the website’ owner through James Endacott – the tindersticks band manager in 09/1996)