Just Imagine Tindersticks & Jeff Buckley

Imagine this bill for a gig:
Jeff Buckley and Tindersticks

… this is not a dream, they really played together on one stage in 24. September 1994 . Tindersticks closing after Jeff Buckley in a short 7-song showcase at the Supper Club in NYC


“Jeff Buckley, Supper Club, 240 West 47th Street, Manhattan, (212) 249-8870. Jeff Buckley’s eerie, liquid, androgynous voice can’t help reminding people of his father, Tim Buckley. But he uses it to personalize his own emotionally volatile songs, which drift from pained delicacy to hard rock on the verge of Led Zeppelin. In a CMJ showcase, he shares a bill with Tindersticks, whose understated songs can take on an edge of dissonance.

The setlist was: Patchwork – Her – Tiny Tears – A Night In – Talk To Me – Drunk Tank – Mistakes (see also tinderrecordings for a bootleg)

The review of that evening:


Tindersticks, whose members wore jackets and ties, were more conventional rock romantics, somewhere between Bryan Ferry and the folk-rock side of the American Music Club. Following Mr. Buckley, they sounded overly methodical.”