Statement on the “soundquality” on TSR album

freshly in (found on the official fb newsstream) tinderbit:

“The band has received a technical question from a fan (Jörg Lippmann) regarding the sound quality on the new record (compression and clippings). Here’s a reply from the legendary John Dent at Loud Mastering who masters all of Stuart’s music and has a reputation which is hard won, well deserved and beyond reproach.

“Stuart went for a particular sound that was reminiscent of 70s vinyl, warts n all, (Roxy music -ish) it’s a bit compressed, not massively, but then most cds have some compression, and there are definitely a few dirty sounding sections, that are more noticeable on headphones, if you want to be fussy then the writer has a point but this is art, and the sound is there for Stuart’s desired emotional effect and it is very effective and it was difficult to get just right, so….”

As John has mentioned, the sound of the record is as Stuart wanted it to be for all sorts of specific reasons.”