Tindersticks new album details – “The Something Rain” (Setlist & Video & Coverartwork)

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“The Something Rain brims and bristles with canny narrative thrust. Slinky, supple compositions are spiked with plenty of barbed edges and sparkling fizz. Right out the gate, album opener “Chocolate” features David Boulter’s sequel to the spoken-word classic “My Sister” from Tindersticks’ 1995 eponymous release. Boulter narrates the story while the band works up a brilliant, brewing crescendo, abetted by the swirling horns of long-time collaborator Terry Edwards. This is indeed a new Tindersticks classic – edgier, more exuberant and more expansive – that spurs The Something Rain into a set of rolling, at times rollicking, and always inimitably Tinderstickian takes on smoky Northern Soul.”

Cover Artwork by Suzanne ;) (365 painted skies from Sep. 2010 – Sep. 2011 each day a sky)

tindersticks – Medicine (official video) from tindersticks on Vimeo.


1 Chocolate
2 Show Me Everything
3 This Fire Of Autumn
4 A Night So Still
5 Slippin’ Shoes
6 Medicine
7 Frozen
8 Come Inside
9 Goodbye Joe

“They have gradually grown into a tight five piece band, utilising the riches of a great extended family of musicians.
There are the usual collaborators here – Terry Edwards (saxophone) and Andy Nice (cello, soprano sax) – and on The Something Rain they are also joined by: Thomas Bloch (crystal bachet), Gina Foster (vocals) Julian Siegel (bass clarinet, tenor saxophone) and Will Wilde (chromatic harmonica).” (quoted from the City Slang details page)

Chocolate 9:04
Show Me Everything 5:29
This Fire Of Autumn 4:17
A Night So Still 5:44
Slippin’ Shoes 4:32
Medicine 4:59
Frozen 5:43
Come Inside 7:40
Goodbye Joe 2:42

Running time: 50:14 minutes

David Boulter, Neil Fraser, Earl Harvin, Dan McKinna, Stuart A. Staples.
Thomas Bloch, Terry Edwards, Gina Foster, David Kitt, Andy Nice, Julian Siegel and Will Wilde.

Release Dates: 20st February 2012 (Europe) & 21st February 2012 (US)

The Something Rain will be released on Lucky Dog for the UK, Constellation for the USA/Canada and on City Slang for Europe.

You can preorder here:
Lucky Dog : later this week

Btw: All versions are set to be identical. Just a difference of selling regions. Even the manufacturing is happening at the same place for the three (UK, USA/CANADA, Europe) editions !