“un”Official Tindersticks Forum Favourite ALBUM Poll (2013)

In order to close a still open chapter, there has been an second poll going on the official tindersticks forum, voting on the 9 tindersticks albums released so far under the name tindersticks (excluding S.A.Staples solo albums).

After a dispute, the organizer of that poll (Steve) decided to leave the forum board, and he just has mailed in the preliminary results (so far) and after me adding up the points of the votes made past his departure, here i can present you the  (now) “unofficial” tindersticks poll#2 (2013) results:


30 members of the official tindersticks forum, took part in the poll and voted for their favourite tindersticks albums. Each vote got 45 points (9 points for the most favourite, 8 points for the 2nd most favourite, 7 points for  the 3rd most favourite … and 1 point for the last favourite album). All 30 votes totalled in the end 1350 points with this order (total points for each album):


1. Second tindersticks Album (231 points)

2. First tindersticks Album (222 points)

3. Curtains (200 points)

4. Simple Pleasure (147.5 points)

5. The Hungry Saw (146 points)

6. The Something Rain (120.5 points)

7. Waiting For The Moon (113.5 points)

8. Can Our Love (108.5 points)

9. Falling Down A Mountain (61 points)