hidden stories: “possesion immédiate” french journal interview with Stuart (around 05-2014)

Possesion Immédiate french journal interview with Stuart (around  May 2014)

I found this interview sometime before, but it got lost in the time. This is a really good interview with Stuart A. Staples about some hidden stories & facts of the band history & other things – really worth reading !

check out the full interview here:

part I: http://possession-immediate.com/2014/05/stuart-staples-tindersticks-entretien-1/
part II: http://possession-immediate.com/2014/05/stuart-staples-tindersticks-entretien-2/
part III: http://possession-immediate.com/2014/06/stuart-staples-tindersticks-entretien-3/


New Live Tour Vinyl/CD “San Sebastian 2012″ & CD / 7”- Single (This Fire of Autumn) announced

Do you remember the recent announcement:

Great News on tindersticks “member area” incl. new live album in mid/late september, exclusively on their website from an announcement on the tindersticks phorum :

o, I know it’s been a while, and we promised the members area to be live soon. So, here’s an update: Soon = mid/late September.

But don’t despair! In addition to the first forum Q&A and the one from earlier this year (to be published for the first time), there’s going to be a nice “member’s only” surprise, that will be unavailable anywhere else. All tied into an announcement that may or may not have to do with the band playing live in your living room, your car, your office, etc.”

update: it’ll be actually two things, an (yet) undisclosed website-member-only “tinderitem” and this new live recording, as expected from tindersticks surely on a physical media (probably from the spring tour in Spain or Portugal) !””


Here’s the info:

A new Tour EP (on Vinyl & CD) and a 7″ Single (incl. Video to be released soon)

from: http://www.tindersticks.co.uk/2012/news/live-album-new-single-and-fall-tour/

“To commemorate this gig, a selection of recordings from this live show, Live in San Sebastian 2012, will be made available in a special double pack edition of The Something Rain on 5 November on Lucky Dog / City Slang.

There will also be a a very limited run of Live in San Sebastian 2012 available on standalone vinyl. In addition, we will have a special standalone CD version of the live album that will only be available at our live shows and our online shop.”the Tracklist is:
1. Show Me Everything
2. This Fire of Autumn
3. A Night So Still
4. Medicine
5. Slippin’ Shoes
6. Frozen
7. Come Inside
8. Goodbye Joe….”To precede the release of Live in San Sebastian, we are releasing the track This Fire of Autumn (alternateversion) on 7” single b/w This Fire Of Autumn (instrumental) on 8th October. A video for This Fire of Autumn is forthcoming.” 

UPDATE on the available versions:

There are three versions of the live album.
1. the double package with TSR (out 5th November)
2. the cd only version
3. the vinyl only version

The cd will only be available on tour and in the online store.

“This Fire of Autumn” single will be available on cd and 7″ Vinyl (out 8th October) update – CD version cancelled 


check later here : http://tindersticks.greedbag.com/

New May Tour Dates (2nd leg of the tour)

07.May 2012 – Theater Akzent, Vienna, Austria

08.May 2012 – Theater Akzent, Vienna, Austria

9.May 2012, Palladium, Warsaw, Poland

11.May 2012, Pozoriste Mladih, Novi Sad, Serbia

12.May 2012, A38 Ship, Budapest, Hungary

13.May 2012, Ateliér Babylon, Bratislava, Slovakia

14.May 2012, Tvornica Kulture, Zagreb, Croatia

15.May 2012, Center Urbane Kulture Kino Siska, Ljubljana, Slovenia


A lengthy video interview with Stuart about a lot of things

a video-interview for http://www.FaceCulture.com

from the video descriptions:

” http://www.FaceCulture.com

Video interview with singer, guitarist Stuart Staples of the British pop band Tindersticks. FaceCulture spoke to him about the new album The Something Rain, Asphalt Ribbons, achieving ideas, transition, losing the spark within a band, taking a break, doubts about musical desire, continuing the band, first album after the break, group effort, influences on the making of a record, personal touch, self recording, selecting the songs for the record, Chocolate, My Sister, leaving Nottingham, moving to London, Medicine, writing and not writing on an acoustic guitar. Goodbye Joe, inspiration, learning from mistakes, song factory, the album title.

Interview with David Boulter on musicOMH


musicOMH: You played Tindersticks II at the Barbican in 2006. Would you consider playing more full album shows in the future? The renewed appreciation of looking at albums as complete pieces of work seems well suited to your music. I think Tindersticks are definitely an ‘albums’ band.
DB: I would like to. The film shows helped to see different ways of presenting ourselves. I wouldn’t like to go on tour playing an old album. But a special show or shows could be nice.

musicOMH: Do you think there will be any more Stuart Staples solo records in the future?
DB: I think there will be. Tindersticks usually work in cycles of three albums. This is the third again. Possibilities are endless. ”

… so everything is possible for future tours & albums !

Vienna Radio Show today (audio & video stream available later on 7th March) – Update

Tonight in Vienna (as part of a National Radio FM4, broadcast / recording / stream) there will be a very prestigious invitation only performance with an audience of 200 in the very beautiful, classical orchestra music hall, RadioKulturhaus.


Video review: http://tvthek.orf.at/topics/Kultur/3663761-ZIB-24/segments/3672381–Tindersticks–im-Radiokulturhaus

“FM4 Radio Session mit tindersticks

Freitag, 2. März 2012, 21 Uhr
RadioKulturhaus, Wien

Einen Mitschnitt senden wir am 7. März ab 19 Uhr in der FM4 Homebase (stream on the page http://fm4.orf.at), danach gibt es auch einen Videostream der Session.”

Update: Here you can stream the video for the next 7 days !


Arte TV streams the Gig in Paris on Monday 5th March

Arte+ will be streaming the band’s Paris show in Le Trianon on Monday 5 March:


Official stream will be available for 1/2 a year btw.

from their french site:
Après plus de 20 ans de carrière, Tindersticks évolue toujours dans un clair-obscur au charme suranné que l’atmosphère mélancolique et vénéneuse de son 9ème album ne viendra pas démentir. Entre folk spectral, orchestrations élégiaques et tentations d’aller vers une légèreté soul, le bateau a pourtant souvent tangué. Après Waiting For The Moon en 2003, le chanteur Stuart Staples – émigré en France, dans la Creuse – avait tenté l’aventure en mode solitaire. C’était pour mieux tout reconstruire et revenir aux affaires collectives en 2008, avec le remarquable The Hungry Saw qui inaugurait une sorte de deuxième jeunesse pour le groupe.

Entre temps, les Anglais s’étaient aussi fait l’auteur des bandes originales des films de Claire Denis (de Nénette & Boni à White Material), récemment rééditée en coffret, avant qu’une belle alliance entre City Slang et Constellation décide d’accueillir les nouvelles productions d’un groupe dont la géométrie, recentrée autour de ses trois membres fondateurs, ne cesse de varier.

The Something Rain (à découvrir par là) sonne à première écoute un peu plus électrique et rapide que ses prédécesseurs, et apparaît comme une étape supplémentaire dans la mue d’un groupe qui ne cesse d’habiller différemment sa mélancolie douce-amère. Les débuts furent très orchestraux, ici les armes sont plus variées : on y entend ici une boite à rythme vintage, du spoken word ou encore une touche d’un funk délicat et discret.

Une chose demeure : Stuart et ses petits amis font toujours dans la dentelle majestueuse. Et, on l’espère, dans les prestations scéniques bouleversantes.”

Great Article from The Quietus about the new album, old official videos & albums in retrospect

The latest Quietus article features a great interview with Stuart & David – esp. the comments on their old official videos & albums in retrospect are worth exploring.

“… DB: The first album was a really fresh, wonderful time. We’d spent then years growing up, being in bands, trying to be successful. When we gave up trying, everything seemed to happen. And I remember us wanting to introduce the band to public through the ‘City Sickness’ video – not making a traditional video trying to impress people at MTV, but having little story, and a natural feel to it.

SS: The song is still very special to me. I wrote it in St Ives – I’d taken a train there to escape London, to try and sort my head out – and I’ve been back there since, gone back to that spot, and could remember that exact moment. It was something felt at that time, and needed to say. And that relationship with Martin [Wallace, their video director] is still so strong. That visual sense has always been so important to us. And this video, with David ending up being right at centre of it….I was a bystander, with Syd in that video as a baby [Stuart’s eldest daughter, now 20]. There were some hairy moments with David pushing her through Soho late at night, getting severe looks from people! But whenever I think of this song now…we’d just made first album, we were on a real high. Full of pure joy.”

Statement on the “soundquality” on TSR album

freshly in (found on the official fb newsstream) tinderbit:

“The band has received a technical question from a fan (Jörg Lippmann) regarding the sound quality on the new record (compression and clippings). Here’s a reply from the legendary John Dent at Loud Mastering who masters all of Stuart’s music and has a reputation which is hard won, well deserved and beyond reproach.

“Stuart went for a particular sound that was reminiscent of 70s vinyl, warts n all, (Roxy music -ish) it’s a bit compressed, not massively, but then most cds have some compression, and there are definitely a few dirty sounding sections, that are more noticeable on headphones, if you want to be fussy then the writer has a point but this is art, and the sound is there for Stuart’s desired emotional effect and it is very effective and it was difficult to get just right, so….”

As John has mentioned, the sound of the record is as Stuart wanted it to be for all sorts of specific reasons.”