Bright Sunshine In – “Un beau soleil Interieur” / O.S.T. by Stuart A. Staples

In Cannes the new film of Claire Denis premiered.

The music/soundtrack was created by Stuart A. Staples.

an interview with Julliet Binoche & Claire Denis on the film:

here on the film:

Claire Denis is faithful. To his actors for example – Alex Descas in Un beau soleil interior – to his technicians, to the music of Stuart Staples, who is still accompanying this new film.”

another article:

“The 51-year-old musician is also the author of a jazz that colors the filmUn beau soleil intérieur, by Claire Denis (see Libération de Jeudi ). This is the seventh soundtrack he signed for the filmmaker.”

more details on the film:
and from on the other OST Stuart Staples is doing in 2017:

“The film also benefits from the music of Stuart A. Staples, the frontman of British band Tindersticks who wrote the soundtracks for Claire Denis’ recent films, including her latest Cannes entry Bright Sunshine In.”


and here’s an interview about this & other film released questions:

As for this new film by Claire Denis, UN BEAU SOLEIL INTÉRIEUR, you who come from rock, do however here jazz …

SS : Yes in part. I wanted to explore. There was an element of music that was “outside”, linked to the context, and the other that came from within, the intimate character of Juliette Binoche. But there are also moments of break in the film when the background music comes to the foreground and carries a real message. There is, for example, a scene in the film where the character is in a taxi and there is this jazzy music in the background. The radio lights up and the background moves to the foreground. This background moves from something passive and uninteresting to something essential, central, and I think these transitions are very important.

For this score, you have used a jazz band?

SS : Yes, the Julian Siegel Quartet. They are very instinctive London musicians. They just had to explain the themes they had in the film and then they developed the atmospheres, the atmosphere.

Is there some improvisation?

SS : Yes, there is a central theme played by the piano and the guitar which becomes the starting point of an improvisation. It is an evolving theme around the piano and the electric guitar. ”

(translated from french original, see below for full link)


Second Chance Man Video is Muvi Award Winner at Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

The Video “Second Chance Man” of The Waiting Room Album has been awarded the winning prize at the Muvi Award at Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen


from the award notification:

1st Prize endowed with 2.000 Euro

 Second Chance Man (Tindersticks)

Christoph Girardet

Germany / France 2016, 4’20”


An un-nostalgic use of found footage, this film does not employ overused imagery yet still manages to be iconic. The video is subtle, beautiful and sympathetic to the song that it accompanies. This is a film that quietly demands repeat viewings – on our second watch we knew that Second Chance Man, which gives a second life to archive footage, heartily deserves first prize in this competition.”


Stuart’s interview in portugese TV (10-2016)

extract from this october’s portuguese TV interview at esectv , aired on RPT2.

“… In Coimbra, Stuart Staples reserved us for a few minutes of conversation where he spoke about cinema, inspirations, songs and about his poetic life as a musician.”

source: youtube channel from “esectv”



Short 6 minutes film about the live experience of TWR (Paris 22.2.2016) & interview bits

City Slang France posted a link to this 6 minutes short film/interview mix on facebook at the official band’s  fb wall – filmed at the special night in Paris at the Cartier Foundation on 22.2.2016 – you can watch the full film here:


First full album Stream (incl. full video) of “The Waiting Room” on NPR – incl. detailed story on each track

see here for a lengthy feature, interview, video film project (full) stream and Stuart A. Staples on each track of TWR (incl. full audio stream)



partial website screenshot


Extended Video Interview with Stuart about A6LY


full interview (parts 1-3)


from FaceCulture
“Video interview with guitarist and singer Stuart A. Staples from British indie rock band Tindersticks. FaceCulture spoke with Stuart about Will Oldham’s Greatest Palace Music, connecting with their past, new energy, keeping the band together, his solo records, Marseilles Sunshine, evolving songs, capturing a moment, the process of creating a song, reinterpreting decisions, unfinished songs, shaping the album, Across Six Leap Years, writing his songs down, his Singing Skies book, reflecting on past songs, and a lot more! (06/09/2013)”