Say Goodbye to the City (A6LY version)




some comments why they choose this tracklisting … hmmm :


“1. Friday Night (2002) is a maverick song, looking for a home. The seeds of this song were sown in response to Claire Denis’s Vendredi Soir before the band pulled out of making the soundtrack for the film. A stripped to the bone version appeared on my first solo album “Lucky dog recordings”. It was then picked up by the band in 2011 for the Claire Denis soundtrack tour and finally became what it was always looking to be.

2. Marseilles Sunshine (2003) was written for the band just before it imploded. This song has been dreaming of this version for 10 years.

3. She’s gone (1994) See No 8.

4. Dying slowly (2001) was written, in some way, as a response to Kurt Cobain’s death. In my own small way I felt divorced from our audience; both needing to and hating engaging with them. Even though I felt that ‘Dying slowly’ had a huge element of defiance and even victory in its essence, our band was feeling pretty resigned and the original became a pretty resigned recording.

5. If you are looking for a way out (1999) is our adopted song. I am still surprised that as I stood at the side of the school disco waiting for Nag nag nag to be played, I was listening more than I gave myself credit for. I never imagined that this song would stay with me for the rest of my life. We had one attempt at it on our album ‘Simple Pleasure’ – We were trying so hard to be loose.

6. Say goodbye to the city (2003) I am so thankful now to hold this version of a song that is so close to how it was originally conceived. I thought it had gone forever, and every time I heard it I would hang my head.

7. Sleepy song (1994) See No 8

8. A night in (1994) is a song from our second album. After making our first album something happened, my writing took a huge leap. A few months earlier I could not imagine trying to write a song like ‘A night in’. Unfortunately my singing and playing did not catch up until much later. These are songs that have proved to me to need a tenderness and understanding that I was unable to give them as a younger man on a first meeting, they have grown, their sentiments have grown, they talk about so many of the experience I have had since then.

9. I know that Loving (1999) is another song from ‘Simple pleasure’. A breakthrough song that we didn’t fully understand at the time. I remember trying so hard, spending hours singing this song in the studio. I felt there was a glass ceiling above me that I just couldn’t break through.

10. What are you fighting for? (2006) is a song looking to belong somewhere. This song was supposed to close ‘The Hungry saw’, it just never found itself in time for that moment.

stuart A. staples 2013”



Arte TV streams the Gig in Paris on Monday 5th March

Arte+ will be streaming the band’s Paris show in Le Trianon on Monday 5 March:

Official stream will be available for 1/2 a year btw.

from their french site:
Après plus de 20 ans de carrière, Tindersticks évolue toujours dans un clair-obscur au charme suranné que l’atmosphère mélancolique et vénéneuse de son 9ème album ne viendra pas démentir. Entre folk spectral, orchestrations élégiaques et tentations d’aller vers une légèreté soul, le bateau a pourtant souvent tangué. Après Waiting For The Moon en 2003, le chanteur Stuart Staples – émigré en France, dans la Creuse – avait tenté l’aventure en mode solitaire. C’était pour mieux tout reconstruire et revenir aux affaires collectives en 2008, avec le remarquable The Hungry Saw qui inaugurait une sorte de deuxième jeunesse pour le groupe.

Entre temps, les Anglais s’étaient aussi fait l’auteur des bandes originales des films de Claire Denis (de Nénette & Boni à White Material), récemment rééditée en coffret, avant qu’une belle alliance entre City Slang et Constellation décide d’accueillir les nouvelles productions d’un groupe dont la géométrie, recentrée autour de ses trois membres fondateurs, ne cesse de varier.

The Something Rain (à découvrir par là) sonne à première écoute un peu plus électrique et rapide que ses prédécesseurs, et apparaît comme une étape supplémentaire dans la mue d’un groupe qui ne cesse d’habiller différemment sa mélancolie douce-amère. Les débuts furent très orchestraux, ici les armes sont plus variées : on y entend ici une boite à rythme vintage, du spoken word ou encore une touche d’un funk délicat et discret.

Une chose demeure : Stuart et ses petits amis font toujours dans la dentelle majestueuse. Et, on l’espère, dans les prestations scéniques bouleversantes.”


Tindersticks new album details – “The Something Rain” (Setlist & Video & Coverartwork)

See here for full details:

“The Something Rain brims and bristles with canny narrative thrust. Slinky, supple compositions are spiked with plenty of barbed edges and sparkling fizz. Right out the gate, album opener “Chocolate” features David Boulter’s sequel to the spoken-word classic “My Sister” from Tindersticks’ 1995 eponymous release. Boulter narrates the story while the band works up a brilliant, brewing crescendo, abetted by the swirling horns of long-time collaborator Terry Edwards. This is indeed a new Tindersticks classic – edgier, more exuberant and more expansive – that spurs The Something Rain into a set of rolling, at times rollicking, and always inimitably Tinderstickian takes on smoky Northern Soul.”

Cover Artwork by Suzanne ;) (365 painted skies from Sep. 2010 – Sep. 2011 each day a sky)

tindersticks – Medicine (official video) from tindersticks on Vimeo.


1 Chocolate
2 Show Me Everything
3 This Fire Of Autumn
4 A Night So Still
5 Slippin’ Shoes
6 Medicine
7 Frozen
8 Come Inside
9 Goodbye Joe

“They have gradually grown into a tight five piece band, utilising the riches of a great extended family of musicians.
There are the usual collaborators here – Terry Edwards (saxophone) and Andy Nice (cello, soprano sax) – and on The Something Rain they are also joined by: Thomas Bloch (crystal bachet), Gina Foster (vocals) Julian Siegel (bass clarinet, tenor saxophone) and Will Wilde (chromatic harmonica).” (quoted from the City Slang details page)

Chocolate 9:04
Show Me Everything 5:29
This Fire Of Autumn 4:17
A Night So Still 5:44
Slippin’ Shoes 4:32
Medicine 4:59
Frozen 5:43
Come Inside 7:40
Goodbye Joe 2:42

Running time: 50:14 minutes

David Boulter, Neil Fraser, Earl Harvin, Dan McKinna, Stuart A. Staples.
Thomas Bloch, Terry Edwards, Gina Foster, David Kitt, Andy Nice, Julian Siegel and Will Wilde.

Release Dates: 20st February 2012 (Europe) & 21st February 2012 (US)

The Something Rain will be released on Lucky Dog for the UK, Constellation for the USA/Canada and on City Slang for Europe.

You can preorder here:
Lucky Dog : later this week

Btw: All versions are set to be identical. Just a difference of selling regions. Even the manufacturing is happening at the same place for the three (UK, USA/CANADA, Europe) editions !


All Film Scores Concerts will feature same setlist

this is the setlist which will be played on all film scores concerts. As there’s a tight synchronisation between the films screening and the music, surprises in the setlist might be rarely seen.



1 Ma Soeur
2 La Passerelle
3 Les Gateaux
4 35 Rhums Opening
5 Train Montage 1
6 Friday Night
7 White Material Opening
8 Bus Vision 1
9 Children’s Theme
10 Yellow Dog
11 Trouble Every Day
12 Killing Theme
13 Maid Theme
14 Train Montage 2
15 Renes Death
16 Pusan Snow
17 Horse Dream
18 The Black Mountain
19 The Otherside of the World
20 Attack on the Pharmacy
21 White Material Closing
22 Tiny Tears
23 Rumba