official tindersticks website forum is down due to technical reasons

UPDATE: The forum is back & running at the new destination (some still existing problems are to be solved soon) – check out here:


the fan/member forum aka phorum (in the old days) or “member area” on the official website is down due to technical reasons since some weeks. If you enter the website on the main-page, the forum web-subsite is not visible anymore in the menu too.

source: screenshot of official website

update: but nothing is lost – entries & login-data has been backed-up, expect the forum to reopen soon again :)

source: screenshot of official website

Other places for fan interaction/discussion on tindersticks topics in the meantime includes these options:

and the unofficial, fan-based tinderbootlegs live music discussion group on facebook:

source: screenshot on facebook group tinderbootlegs

from the group description:

*** tindersticks - live music / audio-video bootlegs discussion group ***

This is a private, non-public and non-profite discussion group which deals with all aspects of the live beauty of the music of the band "tindersticks" 

Feel free to:
* Post links of audio/video bootleg content/-links 
* Post or participate on tinderbootlegs trading trees 
* Post your own live bootleg pictures or links 
* Post your own recorded video bootlegs or links
* Discuss tindersticks live gigs, setlists or concert reviews
* Discuss official tindersticks releases (Vinyl, CD, Cassettes, Books, Soundtracks/Films, Promos or other merchandise items)

* Discuss even tindersticks OFF-topic things (as far as it is somewhere related or of interest for the majority of the members of this group)

DO NOT post SPAM Postings (esp. non music related (tinder app or similar) & spamming-members will be deleted in any case here - zero tolerance policy applies here.

IMPORTANT - a strict door policy applies here - If you have NO interests in music at all or don't "like" tindersticks(official) or other related bands/musicians or you favor special dating apps & groups, the chances are really high that YOU WON'T BE LET IN - sorry !

Keep in mind that you do all things here on "tinderbootlegs" on a non-profit basis & please support the band through buying their official records, books and/or other merchandise and last but not least: visit their live shows !!!

Enjoy the live beauty of tindersticks & 
have a nice time here around too :)

The 2016 Q&A from the band

It has been quite a tradition for members of the band to sit down & answer questions from fans/members of their official web phorum.

Like in  2001, 2010 and 2012, they released again this year a new Q&A article. This time on their website:

Go over there & check it out.

source: official website screenshot

A6LY & Les Salauds streaming links (starting Monday 7th October)

Across Six Leap Years will be available to stream starting Monday 7th October 1 p.m. CET



Update: list of sites here (for forwarding link click here: )



website screenshot



UK –
Ireland –
Germany –
France –
Spain – (available 8 October)
Portugal –
Austria –
Italy –
Sweden –
Belgium –


Update 2: the Soundtrack “Les Salauds” is streaming here:

“un”Official Tindersticks Forum Favourite ALBUM Poll (2013)

In order to close a still open chapter, there has been an second poll going on the official tindersticks forum, voting on the 9 tindersticks albums released so far under the name tindersticks (excluding S.A.Staples solo albums).

After a dispute, the organizer of that poll (Steve) decided to leave the forum board, and he just has mailed in the preliminary results (so far) and after me adding up the points of the votes made past his departure, here i can present you the  (now) “unofficial” tindersticks poll#2 (2013) results:


30 members of the official tindersticks forum, took part in the poll and voted for their favourite tindersticks albums. Each vote got 45 points (9 points for the most favourite, 8 points for the 2nd most favourite, 7 points for  the 3rd most favourite … and 1 point for the last favourite album). All 30 votes totalled in the end 1350 points with this order (total points for each album):


1. Second tindersticks Album (231 points)

2. First tindersticks Album (222 points)

3. Curtains (200 points)

4. Simple Pleasure (147.5 points)

5. The Hungry Saw (146 points)

6. The Something Rain (120.5 points)

7. Waiting For The Moon (113.5 points)

8. Can Our Love (108.5 points)

9. Falling Down A Mountain (61 points)



Official Tindersticks Forum Favourite Song Poll TOP-24 (2013)

here we have the Official Tindersticks Forum Poll TOP-24 results from the poll which was performed in 04-2013.

Great choices folks & Thanks to all who took part & esp. organized it (Gary) !

That poll was a lot of FUN rediscovering forgotten beauty !!!

1- raindrops – (216 points)
2- jism (184 points)
3- mistakes (163 points)
4- my oblivion (155 points)
5- trouble every day (149 points)
6- cherry blossoms (141 points)
7- patchwork (129 points)
8- travelling light (125 points)
9- city sickness (124 points)
10- my sister (123 points)
11- kathleen (123 points)
12- talk to me (115 points)
13- walking- (109 points)
14- tiny tears- (109 points)
15- seaweed- (107 points)
16- marbles- (106 points)
17- a night in- (104 points)
18- frozen- (102 points)
19- the not knowing (95 points)
20- show me everything (95 points)
21- factory girls (95 points)
22- dying slowly (94 points)
23- another night in (94 points)
24- don’t look down (92 points)

The numbers indicate the points given on a minimum 24 song vote with 240 points altogether – 37 fans voted in this poll – Thanks :)


here’s a playlist on youtube – playlist in reverse order (24th place: first video … 1st place: last video – n.b. videos selected subjectively)




and for completeness here are the full results of all songs voted for in the poll & didn’t made it to the Top-24:

can we start again 92
blood 91
snowy in F# minor 85
sleepy song 85
whiskey & water 78
let’s pretend 76
if she’s torn 76
bathtime 73
i know that loving 71
can our love … 70
if you’re looking for a way out 67
mother dear 62
her 62
a night so still 58
sometimes it hurts 57
milky teeth 56
the other side of the world 52
she’s gone 49
say goodbye to the city 49
for those … 49
drunk tank 48
running wild 46
no more affairs 46
buried bones 46
take me 45
boobar 45
tyed 44
el diablo en el ojo 43
until the morning comes 42
paco de renaldo’s dream 40
4.48 psychosis 40
you take this heart of mine 39
sweet memory 37
rented rooms 37
yesterday’s tomorrows 36
medicine 36
the hungry saw 35
don’t ever get tired 34
all the love 33
a sweet sweet man 31
tricklin 30
dancing 30
come feel the sun 28
vertrauen ii 26
cfgf 24
what are you fighting for 23
keep you beautiful 23
(tonight) are you trying to fall in love again  23
slippin shoes 21
here 21
black smoke 21
falling down a mountain 20
before you close your eyes 20
ballad of tindersticks 20
the flicker of a little girl 19
nectar 18
chilitetime 18
this fire of autumn 17
people keep comin round 17
visiting 17

waiting for the moon 16

desperate man 16
untitled 15
dick’s slow song 14
bearsuit 14
a little time 14
shadow 13
introduction 13
she rode me down 12
fast one 12
piano song 11
harmony around my table 11
tie-dye 10
i’ve been loving you too long 10
back to the earth 10
pretty words 9
just drifting 9
e-type 9
chocolate 9
a marriage made in heaven 8
waiting round you 7
my autumn’s done come 7
make believe 7
hubbards hills 7
you’re a pussycat 6
trying to find a home 6
tea stain 6
now its over 6
no man in the world 6
this fire of autumn disco 5
the organist entertains 5
the girl on death row 5
i was your man 5
harry’s dilemma 5
everything changes 5
vertrauen iii 4
the turns we took 4
sweet release 4
singing 4
kooks 4

we have all the time of the world (james bond theme) 4
what is a man 3
velvet fog 3
in a secret place 3
from the inside 3
come inside 3
plus de liasons 2
one way street 2
goodbye joe 2
sexual funk 1
piano music 1
peanuts 1
just a dog 1
i want you 1
e-type joe 1

Website has now re-opened – Anniversary TOUR & NEW ALBUM & new OST & a BOOK announced – check out the news

Just some minutes before, the recently shut-down for maintenance official site has been reopened. Check it out by yourself !

here are some news about it:

  • Anniversary Tour & new Album “Across Six Leap Years” announced – this is big news :)

21 – Paris, Olympia
24 – Dublin, Vicar St
25 – London, Barbican
27 – Copenhagen, Koncertsalen
28 – Berlin, Admiralspalast
29 – Amsterdam, Concertgebouw


source: (screenshots on different webpages)

The new design (on WordPress) is looking more modern and streamlined, so here are some bits of news on that with illustrating website screenshots:

  • forum” reopened yet, rest of the site will follow 10:00 CET today (6th March) – the main forum design is similar to the “old” one, so no surprises so far


  • tomorrows” features the news section , formerly on the main site
    • The announcement from the site: “new site  Firstly, welcome to our new site. A work in progress, as usual, though we hope this signifies a new phase in this long adventure.
      •  A new shop will open soon.   
      • Neil is now very much at the centre of this new site, we hope this connects our work and ideas directly to you.
    • There are many exciting plans going on around here, afterall we are 21 this year and its 20 years since the release of our first album.
      • More news and announcements of special releases and events are on their way, but first off… “


  • yesterdays” features  the collection of the former discography, gigography and the “film scores” and “songs for the young at heart” subsites


  • a nice little feature is the new webplayer in the yesterdays/concerts section – also in the discography section on selected releasesgigography-new
tindersticks – Live in London – Barbican 2006 (the last one in original band lineup) – as full length stream on the redesigned official website:

Barbican 2006 – full concert stream


  • concerts” features the info about forthcoming concerts




  • family” features some photos & links to tindersticks related artists, photographers, …



  • contacts” features now even an email form to get in touch


  • the “shop” is (still) missing, but as announced should be soon around again

That’s all for now – Enjoy the new tinder-world :)


n.b. the Barbican slipped out another bit of info: NEW ALBUM out October 2013 called “Across Six Leap Years” … probably a best-of collection/release


new album ASLYsource: website screenshot

“They are marking the anniversary with a special performance featuring music from their new album Across Six Leap Years, which will be  released in October. “



n.b. (2): City Slang also announced on facebook some additional news – A NEW SOUNDTRACK & a BOOK !


“2013 will see the release and tour (see below for dates) of new collection ‘Across six leap yearsa retrospective recording session and album and a tour of Europe’s capital cities upon its release in October.

The year will also see ‘Les Salauds’ a new soundtrack work for the renowned film director Claire Denis.

Stuart A. Staples, the bands singer/writer will also release the book ‘Singing Skies’ with his wife, painter, Suzanne Osborne. A collaboration featuring her work from ‘A year in small paintings’ and the first time Stuart’s songs have been written down.”


 source: city slang – facebook promotional posting (screenshot)