Did you know that the complete band officially has dyed their hair in the 90s

A small bit found on the “for those …” homepage (see via tindernostalgica link). Do you remember this first ever tindersticks homepage – if you’ve been around mid/late 90s and had access to the internet, you might atually have seen it being alive.

“…by the way – stuart, neil, david, al, dickon and mark all dye their hair on a regular basis. they feel it’s a positive fashion statement. get dying everyone.


(from an email to the website’ owner through James Endacott – the tindersticks band manager in 09/1996)


Welcome to the new tinderbits blog

… this little blog replaces the old news & guestbook section on www.tinderstick.de – actually that guestbook has crashed in the last year. This feature was not visited by tinderfans so regularly.  So it might be a good idea to totally renovate this feature with a new full featured blog (presented via a WordPress site/theme).

In Future you’ll be able to catch some small interesting tinder bits or news or other things like photos, videos, reviews or everything tindersticks-related that comes my way. I hope you’ll enjoy it. I am looking forward to your comments also.

Feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed (upper right corner) or share individual posts/articles on this blog e.g. on facebook, twitter or any other social network connection you like – i’ve added buttons for this too.

So have a nice start into 2011 – btw the year of the 20th anniversary of the band :)


photo – “tindersticks CDs” – A.T. Bens